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Laura Martín,Nerea Armario,Valeria Grande and Sara Conde


03. Elements

02. Glogalization

01. Culture

06. Culture heritages

05. Dominated cultures

04. Our culture

09. Consumers

10. Bibliography

08. Culture globalization

07. Weaaken a culture

Is the style of life of a country or a society and their traditions.

What is culture?

‘Defines the process of pregressive liberalisation of the international trade.These international exchanges include goods,services,technology,labour and financial capital.

What is globalization?

What elements define it?

The elements that define culture are:

-The gastronomy for example in Spain-The traditional costumes -The sport-The traditions-The festivals such as in Spain are popular

Our culture

Young people in Spain are dominated by other cultures?

Spain is dominated enconomically but not in culture .

Because when a culture contact with other,that culture takes small things of the other


Contact with different cultures enriches a country's culture heritage?


Can also weaaken a country's own culture?


Yes it can weaaken.

The culture of our country mix with other and lost some things.

Do you think cultural globalisation has more advantages or disadvantages?

Advantages because they are going to sell more.

What about consumers?

Advantages because all people have the same things and more variety.


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