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Two African museums currently hold objects originating from the Kingdom of Benin, and both of them are situated in present day Nigeria.

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NIGERIA - 2 INSTITUTIONS National Museum - Benin City 260 objects National Museum - Lagos 140 objects

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A huge number of objects from the Kingdom of Benin can be found in North America, with just over 21% of the world's Benin objects being found in the USA alone.

North America

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UNITED STATES OF AMERICA - 52 INSTITUTIONS 1116 objects across 52 institutions, the largest being: Field Museum - Chicago 393 objects Penn Museum - Pennsylvania 188 objects Metropolitan Museum of Art - New York 154 objects

CANADA - 4 INSTITUTIONSMusée des beaux arts - Montreal 5 objects Royal Ontario Museum - Toronto 4 objects Canadian Museum of History - Quebec 1 object Museum of Anthropology at UBC - Vancouver 1 object

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Despite being the most highly populated continent in the world, there are only two collections in Asia with Benin objects.


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ISRAEL - 1 INSTITUTION The Israel Museum - Jerusalem 9 objects

RUSSIA - 1 INSTITUTION Peter the Great Museum of Anthropology and Ethnography - St Petersburg 28 objects

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Mostly as a result of colonialism, the largest collections of Benin objects are found in Europe, with the UK holding over 34% of the world's collection. Other major collections can be found in Germany, Austria and the Netherlands.


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POLAND - 1 INSTITUTION Muzeum Narodowe w Szczecinie - Szczecin 1 object

AUSTRIA - 1 INSTITUTION Welmuseum Wien - Vienna 202 objects

THE NETHERLANDS - 1 INSTITUTION Nationaal Museum van Wereldculturen and Wereldmuseum - Rotterdam 122 objects

BELGIUM - 3 INSTITUTIONS MIM Musical Instrument Museum - Etterbeck 4 objects AfricaMuseum - Tervuren 4 objects Museum aan de Stroom - Antwerp 2 objects

DENMARK - 1 INSTITUTION Nationalmuseet - Copenhagen 5 objects

NORWAY - 1 INSTITUTION UiO Museum of Cultural History - Oslo 23 objects

GERMANY - 19 INSTITUTIONS 1308 objects in 19 institutions, the largest being: Ethnologisches Museum - Berlin 518 objects Staatliche Ethnographische Sammlungen Sachsen - Leipzig 283 objects MARKK Museum - Hamburg 179 objects

FRANCE - 5 INSTITUTIONS Musée de quai Brandy - Paris 35 objects Musée de la Musique - Pais 1 object Musée d'art moderne Fontevraud - Fontevraud 1 object Al Thani Collection - Paris 1 object Musée Nacional Picasso - Paris 1 object

REPUBLIC OF IRELAND - 2 INSTITUTIONS National Museum of Ireland - Dublin 46 objects Hunt Museum - St Limerick 1 object

PORTUGAL - 2 INSTITUTIONS Museu Nacional de Etnologia - Lisbon 1 object Sociedade de Geografia - Lisbon 1 object

UNITED KINGDOM - 28 INSTITUTIONS 1810 objects across 28 institutions, the largest being: British Museum - London 944 objects Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology - Cambridge 350 objects Pitt Rivers Museum - Oxford 148 objects

SWEDEN - 2 INSTITUTIONS Statens museer för världskultur - Stockholm 53 objects Gustavianum - Uppsala 1 object

SWITZERLAND - 7 INSTITUTIONS 70 objects across 7 institutions, the largest being: Museum der Kulturen - Basel 20 objects Völkerkundemuseum der Universität - Zurich 17 objects Museum Rietberg - Zurich 14 objects

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AUSTRALIA - 2 INSTITUTIONS National Gallery of Australia - Parkes 9 objects South Australian Museum - Adelaide 4 objects

NEW ZEALAND - 1 INSTITUTION Canterbury Museum - Christchurch 15 objects