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Development of the TfL Go app.

Introduction of the Oyster Card.

Launch of the Journey Planner - Online tool for planning travel across London.

Rollout of real-time information apps for customers.

Implementation of 4G data coverage across the network.

Launch of natural language processing tools for improved interactions.

Decision making data driven analytics using PowerBI.

Body-worn video technology for staff.

Investment in technology for environmentally sustainable operations.

Commitment to a tech-enabled workforce and informed customer base.

TfL's Tech Track: Riding the Digital Rails

Start of the Text Alerts service - SMS notifications for travel updates.

Deployment of intelligent transport systems for network optimization

TfL Go App

The TfL Go App offers commuters a comprehensive journey planning tool, integrating real-time travel information, route options, and service updates to facilitate efficient navigation across London's public transportation network.

TfL TravelBot

TfL's TravelBot is an AI virtual assistant that offers real-time travel information and assistance to commuters navigating London's public transportation network via messaging platforms.

Sustainable operations

TfL invested in technology to foster environmentally sustainable operations, including initiatives like electric buses, energy-efficient infrastructure, and smart traffic management systems, aiming to reduce emissions and enhance sustainability.

Real-time info

The real-time information service in TfL offers live updates on London's public transportation system, enabling commuters to make informed travel decisions based on current conditions.

Tech-enable workforce

TfL committed to a tech-savvy workforce by offering digital skills training and provided commuters with accessible digital platforms and real-time information, empowering both employees and customers with technology for informed decision-making.

4G Data Coverage

The implementation of 4G data coverage across the network in TFL aims to provide seamless access to mobile internet services for passengers, enhancing communication and access to information during journeys.

Oyster Card

The introduction of the Oyster card revolutionised London's transportation system, offering commuters a convenient and efficient way to pay for travel across buses, trains, trams, and the Underground with a simple tap-in, tap-out system.

SMS service

TfL's SMS services provide real-time travel updates and information on disruptions to London's public transportation system, enhancing commuter convenience through quick and accessible alerts sent directly to users' mobile phones.

Intelligent transport

The Surface Intelligent Transport Systems (SITS) program leverages new technology to maximise the efficiency of the road network, enhancing reliability and aiding in congestion reduction efforts.

TfL's Journey Planner

The launch of the journey planner in TfL provided commuters with a comprehensive tool for efficiently mapping out their travel routes across London.


TFL utilises PowerBI for data-driven analytics to inform decision-making processes, leveraging comprehensive insights and visualisations to optimise operations and enhance efficiency across London's public transportation network.

Body-worn Cameras

Body-worn video technology is utilised by staff in TFL to enhance safety and security measures, providing real-time monitoring and recording capabilities to ensure the welfare of both employees and passengers within the transportation system.