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  • Each element's name can be replaced by a one- or two-letters symbol.
  • An ELEMENT is a pure substance that CANNOT BE CREATED OR BROKEN DOWN by ordinary chemical means.
  • MATTER IS COMPOSED OF one or more fundamental substances called ELEMENTS;

The atoms retain all the specific properties of that element.Atoms are made up of smaller subatomic particles:- protons;- neutrons;- electrons;An atom does not need to have all three particles BUT it ALWAYS HAS PROTONS.PROTONS and ELECTRONS carry ELECTRICAL CHARGES.

the smallest part of an element is the atom.

Electrons spin around the nucleus. Atoms can lose or gain electrons: when they do, they form charged particles called IONS.

The atom has an inner core called nucelus. In the nucleus there are protons and neutrons.

When an atom gains electrons, it becomes an anion.An anion has extra electrons and has a negative charge.

When an atom loses electrons, it becomes a cation.A cation has fewer electrons and has a positive charge.