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Human dystopian

physical education Writing


Action to stop eating

What about nowadays?

Who governs?

A.I. Intelligence

Why do they live there?

My reflections

Sport they practice


I think that the only healthy things in the video are in the start when they show a family passing the ball and walking, but everything else is unhealthy, for example, they spend all day sit and drinking ( also eating ), which is not good for us. They only repeat what they do everyday and no one walks, they all go in a chair and have overweight, except for the babys. In one part, they say that you can eat breakfast, for example, in a cup, or any food in a cup so they only have to drink. They talk by videochatting, but they talk like that being next to the person they are talking to, so it doesn´t make sense to me because they can just talk to them in person. Even teachers are robots, but at least that is a little usseful, but people don´t work.

My reflections

In the movie, people live in space because the Earth has become uninhabitable due to pollution and accumulated trash. The humanity left the planet in giant spaceships called Axioms to live on a space station, waiting for cleaning robots, like Wall-E, to clean up the Earth and make it habitable again. This concept shows a dystopian vision of the future, where humanity has exhausted the Earth's natural resources and has had to flee to space to survive.

Why do they live in space?


Why does he govern?

The captain, along with the ship's crew, is responsible for maintaining order and ensuring the survival of the human passengers on board. He only was chose to govern

Who governs?

The person that governs in the Aixom ship is the Capitain B. McCrea ( 2775 ) and he talks to the entire ship every morning to tell about the weather or any news

how to stop eating

In the video, there is a part where the people who are eating/drinking have a glass around their head, which makes it impossible to eat anything


No sports practiced on the Axiom ship are specifically shown. Instead, humans are portrayed as beings highly dependent on technology and leisure, spending most of their time in floating chairs and consuming digital entertainment. The only sport is shown at the start, when a man is playing golf or a family passing the ball with the grandmother in a chair

Artificial intelligence is very advanced than today, since that movie (at least that part) is based in the future. Humans do not walk, there are no cars, but there are floating chairs and trains, they do not live on Earth, but in a spaceship, etc. The babies/children learn by robots and the food is drunk like a normal drink. It's always the same temperature and everything is artificial

Ai intelligence

Robots aren´t as strong as in the video for now, but they could be soon. In the video, robots can work as teachers, doctors... Right now, i don´t think that there are any robots working as something similar. The only thing is that there are actual robots that can cleane, make and serve food and more, but nothing more important than that i think

The commercials or publicity shown in the video are like today: people watch something new and they all go try it. For example, in one part there is shown an ad that says that the blue is the new red and everyone changes the colour of their clothes to blue.

People in there spend all day connected to something. They videochat instead of talking face to face, for example, and they don´t do anything else more than eat, talk through the screens and play videogames/spend all time connected to internet.

Time on the screens, commercials and robotization/automation of our life

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