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Addo Manuel 3C Anno 2023/2024



The term material refers to the specific chemical-physical nature of a body to which it is possible to associate a set of physical properties at a macroscopic level.


Metallic materials (metals and their alloys) are generally good conductors; The best in descending order are: silver; copper; gold; aluminium; zinc; chromium; iridium; tungsten; nickel; iron; platinum; lead.

Electrical conductor is a material that can flow electric current through it.

Conductors material

Insulation materials can be divided into three categories: synthetic, vegetable, and mineral.

Synthetics: expanded polystyrene, polyurethane foam, expanded polyvinyl chloride, phenolic resins, expanded polyethylene, expanded urea resins.

Vegetable: cork, wood fibres, wood fibre panels and cement.

Minerals: pumice, expanded perlite, expanded vermiculite, expanded clay, rock wool, glass fibers, cellular glass.

The purpose of insulating materials is to create protection for any structural element of the home

Insulator Materials

Conductors are those materials that allow electric current to pass through (conduct). Conversely, insulating materials are materials that prevent the passage of current. All metals (copper, iron, silver, lead, zinc) are conductors, while plastics, wood, glass, air and paper are insulators.

Difference Between Insulators and Conductors