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Module 5 Agenda

Module 5 Agenda

Step 1

Discuss last weeks discussion board

Step 2

Come to concensus on our top three solutions.

Step 3

Discuss more about final project

Step 4

Assign roles for next week's meeting 2/16

What were some ideas you liked from other groups?Which three of our ideas are our best?

  • Signs that label each trash bin
  • Educate students about the importance of recycling
  • Compostable packaging
  • Reusable water bottles given away for free to decrease waste.
  • More water refill stations.

Some of our ideas

Us virtually ->

  • What are some of the larger things we have learned from this course so far? What have been some challenges?
  • Saving documents like agendas
  • Getting Started on Part 1
  • Assigning parts/paragraphs to make sure workload is even.

Final Project (Revisited)

Roles Checklist


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