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5S and Just-In-Time

• Efficient Organization: • Adaptability and Improvement: • User-Centric Engagement: • Accuracy Emphasis in Shine Phase: • Educational focus • Content optimization • Resource maximization

• Patient Vital Results Sharing through the app.• Personalized Education material • Timely Information Delivery • User-Friendly Interface • Community Support

Future state

• Decreases the risk of complications, including mortality (Li et al. 2023). • Reduces the overall cost of care. • Improves communication with patients. • Boosts yearly profit through reduced cost of care. • Improve hospitals Reputation and Engagement


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• Resistant To Change • Limited Continuous Improvement. • Ignoring Feedback from Users • Inadequate Measuring Of Goals. • Insufficient Training.

Benefits to all stake holders( users and providers

potential gaps

• ‌ In-person records hinder remote patient updates.• Patients lack direct access to educational materials (Kusyanti et al. 2022).• No support groups for maternal care.• Limited patient-provider communication affects lab report clarification.


fighting maternal mortality using lean methodology to develop solutions