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Advance HE Fellowship


Ben Harrison, TechnicianFaculty of Science and Engineering

"The AFHEA requires a little bit of forward planning and organisation but it’s a solid building block in improving the student experience and assessing your approach (and maybe finding ways to improve your teaching style)!"

Dr. Adesola Ademiloye, Department of Biomedical Engineering

"Gaining HEA Fellowship recognition is a way of showcasing the incredible amount of effort that you have invested in developing yourself, your peers, and your students"

Desiree Cranfield, SFHEA School of Management

"Gaining the Senior Fellowship (SFHEA) is a public demonstration of one’s commitment to teaching, learning and the student experience"

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Promoting Excellence in Learning and Teaching

Swansea Academy of Learning and Teaching (SALT)Academi Dysgu ac Addysgu Abertawe (ADAA)

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Support VLE, align Digital Strategy, enhance online assessment, instructional design.



Accessible CPD, vibrant collaboration, annual conference, Effective Practice programmes


Quality teaching for new staff, English/Welsh, diverse pedagogic/TEL development.


Facilitate Fellowship path, CPD, AFHEA for teaching assistants, Principal Fellow support.





  • Supported route to Fellowship, linked to PSF, available to all eligible staff via SAR process
  • AFHEA development for teaching assistants and demonstrators
  • Good standing through CPD aligned to AdvanceHE
  • Principal Fellow support towards external route


Fellowship evidences your ability to design and deliver effective and inclusive learning experiences in your higher education context.

Fellowship is fitting if your higher education teaching demonstrates depth and breadth across all PSF 2023 Dimensions at Descriptor 2.

Fellow of the Higher Education Academy (FHEA)

Profile for FHEA

  • Early career academics
  • Staff who are involved in or support teaching and learning activities that have a significant impact and influence.
  • Scholars who have recently joined UK higher education and have prior teaching experience

Recognised and valued by a growing number of international institutions

Fellowship is a desirable qualification for higher education employers who look for it when hiring and advancing staff.

Show your dedication to education, learning and student success by participating in a hands-on approach that fosters inquiry, self-evaluation and growth.

Demonstrate your growth and expertise as a higher education practitioner by integrating your learning and work experiences


Networking Events



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15 pm

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Remember the story of Professor Bennet?

You have the potential to be the next fellow!

Academic Developer (School of Humanities and Social Sciences)

Academic Developer (School of Medicine, Health and Life Science)

Academic Enhancement Officer

Academic Developer (School of Science and Engineering)





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Swansea Academy of Learning and Teaching (SALT)


  • D2.1 use of all five Professional Values
  • D2.2 application of all forms of Core Knowledge
  • D2.3 effective and inclusive practice in all five Areas of Activity
Fellowship (Descriptor 2)

For those whose engagement with learners is extensive and profound, allowing them to illustrate proficiency across all PSF 2023 Dimensions. The effectiveness of teaching and/or support for high-quality learning must be proven by addressing the three criteria statements to meet Descriptor 2