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Start HERE

After clicking the "Start Here" button & listening to the audio, do 30 pushups to choose an option. Then click on ONE of the three buttons on this page.

Consequence for Searching the Bushes

I dropped it. The container with the key. It fell amongst the rocks below the gray cliffs. I could not go back for it. One day, it MUST be found. Or many of our secrets will be lost forever.

Then close this webpage when done.

Click HERE

Consequence for Entering the House

Start HERE

With a deep breath, you muster the courage to step across the threshold of the abandoned house. As you enter, the air is thick with dust, and the floorboards groan beneath your weight. Your footsteps echo through the empty room.You cautiously make your way, guided by a sense of curiosity and the hope of uncovering secrets. You get ONE click to discover something in this room OR click the arrow button to explore the next room.

You may only click ONE option.

Consequence for Walking Away

Your instincts scream at you to flee, warning of the unknown dangers that may lie ahead. The overwhelming sense of dread and uncertainty threatens to paralyze you as you stand frozen in place, torn between your curiosity and the primal urge to escape the looming threat. With trembling hands and a racing heart, you make a hasty retreat, your mind haunted by the chilling echoes of the abandoned house and the mysteries it holds within. Perhaps it's best to leave those secrets undisturbed.Lower your health meter by 1 due to the fright.Close this webpage (or tab) & choose your option on the grid space.

Now close this webpage and chose an option for this grid space.

As you bend down and lift the edge of the dusty ottoman, a cloud of musty air billows out, accompanied by the scurrying of feet. Startled, you jump back just in time to avoid disturbing a nest of mice, who had made their home beneath the furniture. Your heart races from the surprise encounter, but you quickly regain your composure. Lower your health meter by 1. Then close this webpage and chose your option for this grid space.

Looking under the bed reveals an old journal with notes about the location of the ship landing spaces on this island. Most are down the cliffs and along the sandy shore. One is accessible from the abandoned village.

  • B9
  • B11
  • D13
  • F15
  • H14
  • I9