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Language vs gender



Relevant data


Of women still are employed becouse of their sex.


It is a phenomenon by which two term are associeted to two words that have the same meaning.

No female jobs

all jobs name are for male.But we could just start to use netrual

Postman or post worker

Policeman or policeofficer.


There is a reletion BETWEEN two linguistics forms:The marked term, that is USUALLY more DIFFICULT or less common( female term) , and unmatked term, that are the more used ones(male term)Actor/actress

Generic he:

The use of he/him PRONOUNCE as netrual when necessery becouse is unmarked"The masculine gender is more worthy than the feminine"

Semantic derogation

That is a phenomen in which a positive or netrual term became negative.Bitch was the female dog, now that is an insult for women