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By Shanila Castro Ryabokon


Fashion PPT, Beauty in the beat

Our first idea was to create a dress with recycled materials, but, since many groups were already doing that, Katie came up with the idea of ​​making a dress that was related to music beacuse she plays the piano and she had many old cds and music sheets at home that she wouldn't use.

1. initial designs

At the end we decided to bring up the topic "the world of music" and also show how music has changed over the years adding different pieces of music eras.

Our idea was to make a short mini skirt but we detrmined that it would be better and more elegant if it was longer.

We decided to make the shoes (heels) with old Cds and the skirt whit music sheets that Katie had of her piano lessons and finally a big record for the base of the head piece.

At the end we decided that I would be the model because I had more experience on stage.

These are some designs we were inspired by

We were inspired by different designers and lastly we took a little from each one and their main creations.Mariano Fory: He is a spanish fashion designer, he is specialised in historically inspired dressesSybil Conolly: She is an irish fashion designer, used innovative pleating techniques to create her high fashion looksIrene Lentz: she is a designer and also a costumer for film noir movies, she created silhouttes that inspired our head piece

2. designers influences

We experimented whit some different materials:

  • Origami
  • Paper
  • Music sheets
  • Cd pieces
  • Posters
  • Ribbons and ropes
  • Fabric

3. Experimentations with materials

We started experimenting with cds cuting them up into small pieces and creting a pattern with them

Sesiones de aprendizaje

We also ghatered paper and started making origami shapes and folded them up into fans for a design

In this pictures you can see how we use each material and where we place it.

I was first in charge of making all the paper origami, gluing them with hot silicone to the fabric of the skirt and gluing the plastic flowers as well. I also did a necklace wit red ribbon and record tape. After I helped Katie and Claire glue and cut the CDs for the top since it was a complicated part, I also cut out the red ribbons, and finally created a pair of cardboard flowers for the shoes.

I made the skirt and I also helpd with the top

4. My part constructing the dress

b) We decided to add red ribbon on the dress for a splash of colour

We did some changes in the skirt:

5. Changes we made

a) We decided to make the skirt longer so we bought a hoop skirt instead of making one

c) Claire got fake roses for the skirt and the head piece to add texture


a) We change the front part of the skirt as we thought it would be plain if we just did the same oragami pattern the whole way around so we folded up fans to put in the middle.

6. Finding new patterns for the costume

b) Working on the top Katie decided to cut all the pieces into triangles, that way was easier to stick them on and it looked more symetrical on both sides of the top.

We use black corset with a grey ribbon at the back We glued triangular pieces of cd onto the sides and the middle of the corset We sewed a red ribbon onto either side of the top We glued a grey bow in the middle top of the corset

8. Dress (The Top)

8. Dress (The skirt)

For the skirt we bought a hoop skirt online for 12 euros approximately We created oragami fans and stuck them around the skirt whit a glue gunWe sewed aribbon on at the front and around the bottom of the skirt We glued on fake roses going down the ribbon on the front of the dressWe used a different pattern for the sheet music in the middle part of the front

For the head piece we attached a record onto a black headband We the folded a music sheet into an origami fan and we did the same thing but this time whit red paper to add more colour to the hatWe glued a rose in the middle along whit the fans

8. Dress (The head piece)

9. The Make UP

For the make up we decided to go for a spanish inspired look as it looks classy and goes whith the dress as the lipstick is red like parts of our dress For the hair we decided to go whit a simple low ponytail so that is not in my face when I am on stage and it also doesn't cover the head pieceI did the make up and the hairstyle all by myself it tooks me to do an hour

a) We learned how to sew a ribbon B) We learned how to make origami whit various materials C) we learned how to use a hot glue gunD) we learned how to weave as we made a necklace out of red ribbon and record tape

7. The skills we learned


The name of our dress was "Beauty in the Beat" (Katie came up whit the name)Claire chose the song Up Town funk by bruno mars for the performance and i made up the dance routine for the song and also my own performance whit the dress

10. Our performance

I was really happy to take part of the fashionably Talented 2024. I really enjoy making the dress and the performances.I made the skirt, the necklace and I helped the other girls with the top. Katie McCarthy was in charge of the top and the shoes and Claire McCarthy did the headpiece and also helped with the top.I think that the lead p to fashionably talented was perfect as we had a very good time management and we finished the dress before Christmas holidays so we wouldn't have to do it jouring that, I think we were able to meet this deadline as we used our time in class effiently and we also meet up every week after school to work on the dress. On the two weeks before fashionably talented we came up with a name for our dress and came up whit a song and dance and practised it to ensure we were ready for the night of FT.I think we work well in a team as everyone was equally involved and we were very communicative and always discussed anything about the dress with each other before doing it so we could hear everyone's opininon.Also this was a huge opportunity to get more contact with the irish girls and learn and practise my english.If I were to do it again I would change the song because we didnt have to much time to came whit the musica and the dance.The night itself is long so you definitely have another pair of shoes whit you so your feet don't get sore in high heels the whole evening (if you are the model) and take any snack

11. Evaluation

12. Video

Sesiones de aprendizaje

I will put the video separte (out the presentation)

By Shanila Castro Claire and Katie McCarthy

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