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By Matthew askew

Debate The Meaning

Debating in the classroom affords you a safe space to discuss real world issues to better understand the issues themselves and where you stand on them.
Debating with your classmates helps you better understand different perspectives.

Why Debating Is So Important

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Especially for older texts like the one you will be debating amongst yourselves today, it can teach us how lessons from centuries ago can apply to our lives today.
Debating literature brings with it a better understanding of the texts that have shaped our society.

Why Debate Literature?

Take 5 minutes to write about a time you learned from a debate in the past.

In the words of one of William Shakespeare's most iconic characters, Hamlet, "There is nothing either good or bad, but thinking it makes it so." In groups of 3, brainstorm and create an Affinity Map to debate the quote's meaning.

Interpreting Shakespeare

So what does it mean?

Your interpretation of every single event in the world and in your life determines whether or not it is positive or negative. Essentially, you control how you respond to things.

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