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St Giles - 09 Feb 2024



You may not realize, it's in a blink of an eye.

Some popular places are being reported as the most common spots for pickpockets, they operate in very specific areas. But have you evet tought why those places were selected? What do they have in common? Should you avoid them?Let's take a look further at this and understand a little bit more of this trend that is ravaging the population.

The preferred spots



London, 9 Feb 2024

"Have you ever got home and then realized something was missing?"

Latest data provided by TfL indicates that pickpocketing increased in 56% if compared to 2022.

The "modus operandi":

Pickpockets developed their own "modus operandi" and they are making pickpocketing a profession in the black market.

Don't be a victim

There are some tips you can follow!Some tips will be present to help you not being one more victim.


What do we have to keep in mind when it comes to pickpocketing?

The more you know learn about it, the more you'll know how to deal and avoid it!

How it happens?

Where it usually happens?

How to prevent from being a victim?

* Increase the number of cameras scattered around the city

* Expand the number of monitoring posts


What could be done in order to sort the pickpocketing problem?

* Increase the presence of law enforcement officers

''In the world of security, knowledge is the key to understanding risks and making informed decisions.