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Geometry A

Week 9 of 12Monday, 2/5- Friday, 2/9

What's Happening This Week in Geometry

4 weeks To Go!Our term ends Friday, March 1. Primavera classes end on the final day, as they do in physical campus schools. Everything submitted until midnight March 1 will be included in your final grade.Lesson Pacing through Friday, February 9, Lesson 23 Triangle Congruence and Similarity Theorems, SSS,SAS,AAs, and AA.Live Help Sessions Live Sessions Mondays 11:00 AM and Fridays 3:00 PM Click the Conference tab to join. Look for my text with a mobile link.How to Improve Your Grade

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Lesson 13 Discussion Equation Example and Unit 4 Exam Proof table Demonstrated

Unit 5 Introduction to Trigonometry and Lesson 25 Discussion Triangle Proportionality