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I’m an awesome subtitle, ideal for giving more context about the topic at hand

Surprise your class ...

To create an interactive image ... you can use an image as a base. Choose a nice one that’s related to the topic: it’ll get your students’ attention right away.


use an image

They make your content more memorable

They illustrate what you want to say

They allow you to add additional info

They’re an aesthetic resource.

They tell stories all by themselves.

They keep the brain awake.

List / Process

Interactive visual communication, step by step:

  1. Plan the structure of your materials.
  2. Give it a hierarchy and give visual weight to the main point.
  3. Add secondary messages with interactivity.
  4. Establish a flow through the content.
  5. Measure results.

Don’t forget to publish!

Did you know? 90% of the information we assimilate is received through sight? Visual resources are a huge help for reinforcing your materials: images, illustrations, gifs, videos ... Not only because they stay in our memories, but because they’re more attractive and easier to understand.