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the comeback of balenciaga

after the scandal


Balenciaga will keep its former ambassadors because it working well. There was a 17% increase last year, reacging 1.39 bilion euros, with a net profit of 215 million euros. Removing a person would b too risky, as it could lead to a bad buzz and financial loss

1- strategy

+ info

If Beyoncé is already associated with Balenciaga references in her music and this resonates well with the brand's image, it could be wise for Balenciaga to recruit her as an ambassador. This collaboration could not only strengthen the brand's image but also attract the attention of Beyoncé's fans and expand Balenciaga's reach

new ambassadeur ••

By adopting this strategy, Balenciaga could capitalize on Beyoncé's influence and reach to strengthen its position in the fashion market. Indeed, Beyoncé stands out as one of the few artists of the year 2023 to have generated over 100 million dollars in tour revenue in a single month.

an influencer strategy by associating the brand with the outfits worn by Beyoncé during her concerts.

2- Strategy

the brand could offer a huge competition, in order to win the chance to meet beyonce with the balanciaga brand to attract people to rediscover the brand with its new ambassador and on site, people will be able to buy accessories and clothes from the brand

3-strategY ••

Trick: Interactivity is the key to capturing the interest and attention of your audience. A genially is interactive because your audience explores and engages with it.