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A Journey in my emotions.


Everyone si scares of something

Don 't mess With me

What Makes me happy


Me ?? With the other?

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Let me introduce myself

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+ info

Let me introduce myself.

My self : a priority.

What scares me.

Good question... What truly makes me happy? Definitely reading a good book. You know, when I read, I immerse myself in a world of my own, where everything goes as it should... without worries, anxieties, or concerns. The words swirl around in my head, launching me into a tornado of emotions; that's what makes me feel alive, comfortable, and puts the biggest, most childlike smile on my face. For me, that's happiness, dreaming is the only hope we have left.

What makes me happy.

Unfortunately, not everything is perfect; along with the good moments, there are also the sad ones. It doesn't happen to me often, I swear! Because, obviously, I tend to overcome every obstacle with all the determination I possess. Very often, I try to lift my mood with something special, I'll give you a hint: music.Music is like a journey, a journey that leads everyone to one destination: tranquility.How many of us have felt bad even for the silliest things? Come on, admit it!There's no need to be ashamed; it happens to everyone.The best thing is to overcome every difficulty in the best way you can.

Not everything is perfect.

We all have a truly negative side of ourselves, don't we? Well, here's mine.I tend to get angry easily, especially when something doesn't work out for me at all costs.I'm in constant competition with myself, often resulting in me being unlikeable because nothing matters to me except my personal successes.I'm very focused on my goals, but I've never tried to cast someone in a bad light.However, when I want something, I have to get it at all costs.Anger isn't the best way to resolve things, but it's the most common phase among us teenagers; sooner or later, we'll all mature.

I always get what i want.

Be honest... we all fear something. It's pointless to deny it, pointless to think we're invincible; it's human nature. From the silliest thing to the most sensible, everyone is scared of something. My biggest fear is disappointing those close to me, fear of failure, fear of not being enough, fear of rejection, and a constant fear of seeming inadequate in any context. Thankfully, I am a strong person; I tend to bounce back quickly on my own, but a sensitive person wouldn't be able to do it so easily.

Everyone is scared of something.

For your enjoyment, the journey ends here. And remember: Showing your emotions is not something to be ashamed of.

Hello everyone, I'm Concetta! I know you might not be very interested, but alas, I'll introduce myself anyway. I'm not someone who enjoys talking too much about herself, but at the same time, I love being in the spotlight, seems obvious, doesn't it? Well, let's be honest! Who wouldn't enjoy that? Only a crazy person!If you asked me about my strengths, well, I would definitely focus on my personality. I'm someone who easily opens up, sometimes a bit introverted but not excessively so. I always have a quick wit, even though I can become unbearable because I talk too much, I swear!I tend to push my limits and do everything to achieve my goals, even at the cost of self-destruction.

So, listen up... Everyone has felt out of place in any situation, not comfortable in a certain context... You know! It's all normal, we're in the adolescent phase, and believe me when I say you should seriously worry if everything goes smoothly like clockwork.Well, I don't have a precise way to relate to others, strange, isn't it?I'm someone who takes everything lightly, whatever happens, happens, you know.I start by introducing myself or maybe with a joke, those are the things I'm best at.Sometimes I've felt not good enough, but the only advice I have for you is: ALWAYS BE YOURSELF.The rest will come naturally, making friends isn't as scary as everyone describes it. You know, with time, it'll happen automatically!