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Challenges of AI for Climate Actions



AI’s Growing Carbon Footprint

A significant concern is the carbon footprint associated with the development and application of AI models. These processes are energy-intensive and, if not managed properly, can counteract the emission reductions AI aims to achieve. Despite AI’s rapid advancement, it remains in an early development phase, with existing limitations and challenges that may impede its optimal utilization for climate action. Ensuring responsible AI development is crucial to mitigate risks and ethical concerns that might arise.



Inequitable Access to AI

Another critical challenge is ensuring equitable access to AI technology. The speakers at the high-level event on Artificial Intelligence for Climate Action at COP28 emphasized the need for AI technology transfer to developing countries, highlighting that the benefits of AI for climate action should be globally accessible to ensure no one is left behind. This calls for a concerted effort to break down barriers to technology access and to build capacities in these countries to effectively use AI.