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Metaphor Although humans are animals, the human on the "Animal Dissection" book represents the other animal species, creating a feeling of carelessness. This creates a very uncomfortable feeling for students because humans are rarely ever refered to as animals, further pushing students to rethink classroom dissection.

Exigence The words for the PSA are in all capital letters, some being red. This creates a sense of urgency for the students to speak up about animal dissection.

Metaphor The cut open chest of the person in the PSA represents the animals that are cut open during classroom dissection. Students may be uncomfortable with the thought that it could be their friends/classmates on that dissection table, and want to stop dissection.

Celebrity endorsement Noah Cyrus is a famous singer and actress, commonly known amoung younger people like students. Students will see someone famous that they know and trust/look up to and will be influenced to do what they are doing, like not dissecting animals in this particular PSA.