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Nelson Mandela

what he did


I chose Nelson Mandela as a character to describe because he struck me as, despite being tempted to violence, he always chose the street of peace


Mandela was born in South Africa on 18 July 1918.His real name was Rolihlahla while Nelson was a nickname given to him by a school teacher.Nelson Mandela was part of the Thimbu royalty and his father was the chief of mvezo town. He protested against apartheid and for this he spent 27 years in prison, the most famous arrest in historyNelson Mandela becomes leader in the African National Congress (ANC) which supported equal rights for blacks and whites.In 1994 it was an important year for black South Africans in fact they voted for the first time and elected the ANC as a result in Mandela became president.


nelson Mandela became leader of the ANC A POLITICAL PARTY THAT SUPPORTED EQUAL RIGHTS BETWEEN WHITES AND BLACKS, NELSON MANDELA AUDITED THAT IT MUST ACT WITHOUT VIOLENCE ALTHOUGH he began to doubt whether this approach would work so he created an armed section of the ANC AND planned to bomb some buildings so that no one got hurt, however, he was considered a terrorist and in 1956 he was arrested and also in 1962, this time in his Mandela was sent to a very bad prison and was sentenced to 18 years of forced labor. This became the most famous arrest in history. Many people supported the “Free Nelson Mandela” movement, so much so that there was a boycott of South African products.He was released in 1990 following pressure from people's protests, once free he continued his campaign against apartheid.In 1994, black South African citizens were able to vote for the first time and were elected. As a result, Nelson Mandela became president and the ANC was also very good at not causing a terrible civil war to break out amidst the various protests.In his Mandela, despite all the threats and the years spent in prison, he always remained with his ideals and he died there, so he was a great example for millions of people..

What he did