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Rosa Parks

Arianna Salvadori 3 E


  • Rosa Parks was an American-African civil rights activist from the city of Montgomery in Alabama. At the time in South Africa there were discriminations that is to say that white people and black people went to different places: school, churches, shops and sit in separate parts of public means of transportation.
  • Rosa had to walk for miles to go to her school, while white students went to school by bus.

She CHANGED the rules

  • Also received death threats and in 1957 she moved to Detroit whit her family.
  • One day, in Dicember 1955 she refused to give her seat to a white passenger on the bus, and she after said, "I felt I had a right to stay where I was".The bus driver called the police and they arrested her. After this fact there were thousands of black people in the city and they all refused to use the buses for more then a year.

Rosa Parks before the arrest


Statue in memory of Rosa Parks
  • Rosa Parks became a symbol of the civil rights movement and in 1996 president Clinton awarded her with the presidential medal.
  • In 2005 she died at the age of 92, and it all began when she refused to leave her seat on the bus.

The symbol of the civil riGhts

  • I chose this character because she was a very brave woman and she fought every day for civil rights and against descriminations of black people

Why did i chose rosa parks