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candide thovex

may 22 th 1982 in Annecy

Domain :Freestyle skiing Freeride skiing Mogul skiing

*Mogul skiing


1996. French singles champion in humpback skiing. 1997. French champion in humpback single and parallel. 2000. Winner of the big air at the X-Games and Gravity-Games2010 -France: Winner of the Red Bull Linecatcher in Vars (Hautes-Alpes).-France: Winner of the Chamonix stage of the Freeride World Tour. -Winner of the Freeride World Tour for his first participation.

Importants Awards:

Biggest injury

the doctors thought he could no longer walkfracture of the first lumbar vertebra

Best serie

He is also famous for:

his special videos

skiing a wave skiing walls of Chinaor desert

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