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Cells &

Body Plan and Organization

Help me across, would ya?

Sometimes to get through a membrane, molecules need a little help or facilitation. And example would be the intake of glucose by cells of the body.

Get your water runnin'...

Generally, any cellular transport having to do with water is going to be osmosis. An example is the absorption of water by the small intestines or kidneys.

QUESTION 3/6 - history

Survey says, that is a lie!

Pinocytosis is the process of stationary cells engulfing material to get rid of it. Phagocytosis occurs when cells move around, engulfing particles/bacteria and cell parts, etc.

Burnin' Energy

Active transport requires energy (ATP) to move molecules going against the concentration gradient (going from low to high). The absorption of amino acids or glucose by cells of the small intestines.

You need a filter!

Filtration occurs with the use of pressure. An example is blood pressure in our capillaries, forcing plasma out to become tissue fluid.

Let's diffuse the situation...

Molecules naturally seek to find balance. They can't do yoga, so diffusion occurs with the concentration gradient. An example is the movement of oxygen from the blood to the cells of the body.

Use your Noggin'

Remember, anatomy describes the structure and relationship among parts, while physiology is the study of the function of the body and its parts.

Poor Marty..

A transverse section means Marty is now cut into top and bottom parts, with a horizontal plane.

I cannot tell a lie...

The respiratory system brings the oxygen in, but the Circulatory system moves the oxygen all over the body within our blood.

A split decision?

Marty was divided with a frontal or coronal section.

All the cavities...almost

The ventral cavity contains the Thoracic, abdominal, and pelvic cavities. The dorsal cavity has the cranial and spinal cavities.

You probably knew, right?

Receptor sites on cell membranes are usually made of proteins.

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