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-From France Info-Written in January 2024

Paris 2024: A very high Pollution... The quality's water of the Seine for the Olympic Game.


1-The context2-The problem3-The sports federation's opinion4-My point of view5-Conclusion

1-The Context

-Paris 2024-Competitions in the Seine's river-Water polluted

-Measure the level of pollution-International scale for the quality's water--Bacteria and Viruses-Impracticable and dangerous

2-The problem

3-The sports federation's opinion

-Competitions will be allowed-Without the scale of pollution-A disagreement of the medical and anti-doping comity-envent more important than the health

-We cant cenceled it-In another place-The most polluted-The health of the athtletes-Not the best idea to keeps the competions

4-My point of view

-The Olympic Game will be there soon-The pollution is important-Article really simple to read-A lot of numbers to illustrate the informations-A little too long