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martina's cake

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step 1

  • Elenco puntato

take 3 eggs, break them and put them in the bowl . then add the sugar; then mix the eggs and sugar until foam is coming

step 2

then you have to add then cream and the mint syrup and then you have to mix

step 3

then yuo need to add the flour and yeasr and mix

step 4

pour the mixture into the pan and bake it for 30 minuts for 180 degrees

last step

finally we take the out from the oven and decoreid it with nutella, icing sugar and coconut flakes.

thak you for listening !

-3 eggs -100 grams of sugar - 50 gram of cream - 50 grams of mint syrup -250 gram of flour and a sachet of yeast


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What do onions and geniallys havein common?