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Legend:"La noche toledana"

By:Precious Mike and Sofia Matas

When did it happen and where did it happen?

According to most historians, the locution originated as a result of a bloody historical event that occurred at the end of the 8th century (797 AD), in which a new Muslim Governor, Amrus Ben Yusuf, arrived in Toledo, who organized a dinner to which He invited hundreds of Toledo nobles (between 400 and 700).


The legend says...

That in the actual walk of San Cristobal pass one of the worst and bloody episodes in the Toledant history that is known as: The Toledant night.We have to put in contents more or less in the year 190 of the Hegira, more or less our 812 year.The governor Amur committed multiples crimes: he kidnapped maids, and he killed all the people that were in his horrible methods. The Tolerant nobles wear their best gala clothes to go to the banquet in honor of the future caliph that was prepared by the governor. The narrow streets of Toledo were a little bit illuminated with torches; they saw the nobles with maids and women.At the same time the people entered to the governor hause the security guards, they served his son too , they accompanied the people to a separate place where they were killed the guards cut off their heads and their heads and body were dragged to a hidden room. And the legend tell that, when Amur, dad of Jusuf and faithful servant of the caliphe see the last head fall on the floor he said: “MY SON YOU CAN REST IN PEACE BECAUSE YOU ARE ALREADY ADVANGED”


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