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Sara García Aparicio:

Ghost teacher

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The old big squere of Madird was used like a market when the people could buy differents things: fruit, meat, vegetables... Now, however, there are many restaurants and shops of typical products from Spain.

Main square of Madrid

In the past, the families were larger, the parents had more children and they had them in earlier age.They started to work younger.Now the live of the families is more comfortable with less difficult.



Before, cars had a different shape. They were slower and used more fuel but they had less power.

Nowdays the cars has more components thanks to technology. They are safer, faster and some are electric.


In the past, cameras were larger and heavier, the photo took time to produce and it had poorer quality. Now they are smaller, the pictures are ready at the moment and can be edited and sent to the another dispositives.

The old televisions were seen in black and white, they were much thicker than today's, they had four legs to support them and you pressed the buttons on the television to turn it on.



The old schools were smaller than now and much less renovated. Inside the classes there are also many differences, for example: now there are digital whiteboards, desks, comfortable chairs, we use the computer...

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