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Barack hussein obama



Political life



Who was Barack H. Obama


Date of born

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What did he do for America? he had to face the Economic global crisis. and he did one of his biggest reforms it he Obamacare a reform for the healthcare

In the 4 november of 2008 he became the first black President of America

POLItical life of obama.

Barack Obama earned a degree in political science from Columbia University and law degree from Harvard Law school

In the 1989 during an summer intership to a legal studio specaliced in company law at the sidley austin of chicago, he met Michelle Robinson, a lawyer at the same company and in the 1992 she became his wife- Thinking about the first date? A big classic! they went watching to the cinema "Do the right thing by spike lee

in 2009 he was awarded whith nobel prize for the peace «for his extraordinary efforts aimed at strengthening international diplomacy and cooperation between peoples."


Barack Obama was technology enthusiast to the point of addiction. He coudn't help but to control his BlackBerry smartphone and use an Apple Mac laptop.


At university, he was nicknamed "O' Bomber" for his basketball prowess. Obama was a sports enthusiast, he owns a set of red boxing gloves, signed by Muhammad Ali. Given the commitments that the position requires, he now limits himself to playing poker and Scrabble as a pastime.