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anna maria mazzini in art mina.

by silvia potettu

Mina Mazzini was born in Busto Arsizio on 25 march 1940 in a period which her father Giacomo and her mother Regina, originally from Cremona, lived in the Upper Milanese Bustocco area.

Her first singing performance was in a nightclub, the audience was enraptured, so Mina continued this path by enjoying the Happy Boys band.

Her first success in particular came in 1959 with "Tintarella di Luna" written by Franco Migliacci, which would remain a very famous hit throughout the 60s. Migliacci invented a story of a girl who, intead of tanning with the sun, tans with the night in the moon's rays.

Mina was considered the favorite at the 11th edition of the Sanremo festival, but during the second evening her emotion played a cruel trick on her, her voice cracked and she was unable to finish the performance. The thousand blue bubbles placed fifth.

The thousand blue bubbles placed fifth. After that performance the singer herself stated that she no longer wanted to participate in a singing competition.

Sanremo's scandal

Mina in Sanremo while singing her piece "Le mille bolle blu"


The tiger of Cremona, has also collaborated with many italian artists. Some of these are:

Mina and Milva. They duetted together in an episode of "Teatro 10" in 1972 with the song "Non arrenderti mai".

Another duet is the one with Alberto Lupo on the notes of "Parole Parole".

Mina e celentano at studio uno in 1965, sing the iconic song "E se domani".

But the most iconic duet is the one with Lucio Battisti, where they sing their most famous songs, from that moment on it was defined as the "historic duet", and today is the most important duet in italian music.

Mina and Lucio Battisti doing a medley of their songs, exchanging roles


On August 23, 1978, Mina decided to perform for the last time. From that moment on, Mina after twenty years of public success, will no longer be on stage and will no longer be seen except in rare images and photos from her home in Lugano, but she has nevertheless continued his career as a singer, giving away many songs and records.

Photo of Mina singing at her last concert


Today Mina is the greatest exponent of Italian music and is known throughout the world, despite her age she has never stopped singing and still continues to give us emotions. She was often not understood by society, because she always brought new and original things. There will never be a singer like her again.