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Barrier Reef



  • Capital: Darwin
  • Area: 1,420,000 km²
  • Population: 246,500 (Sep 2020)
  • Population: 244 761 (12/2019)
  • Density: 0. 18 inhabitants/km²
  • GDP: (nominal) A$ 16,880 million
  • Neighbouring federal states: South Australia, Western Australia, Queensland


  • Capital: Brisbane
  • Surface area: 1,853,000 km²
  • Time zone: UTC+10
  • Population: 5,185 million
  • Inhabitants: 4 703 193
  • Prime Minister: Steven Miles
  • Density: 2.72 inhabitants/km²


  • Capital: Perth
  • Population: 2.667 million (Sep 2020)
  • Inhabitants: 2,474,410 (2016 census)
  • Area: 2,646,000 km²
  • Density: 0.98 inhabitants/km²

western australia

  • Capital: Adelaide
  • Population: 1.771 million (Sep 2020)
  • Inhabitants: 1 751 693 (2019 census)
  • Area: 983,482 km²
  • Prime Minister: Peter Malinauskas

south australia

  • Capital: Sydney
  • Population: 8.166 million (Sep 2020)
  • Inhabitants: 8 128 984 (12/2019)
  • Area: 801,150 km²
  • Establishment date: 26 January 1788 (colony), 1 January 1901 (federated state)
  • Density: 10.15 inhabitants/km²


  • They couldn't write, so they communicated throught images. They used symloos to tell stories and they also passed on their traditions of music, singing, and dancing.
  • 50000 years ago the levey of the sea was 50 metres lower that it is now. The Aborigines lived in the Desert, on the coasts and in Tasmania and there were about 500 recordid tribes.


  • Today there are about 300,000 native people in Australia. They have dark skin, dark curly hear and flat noses they make up.
  • The Aborigines loved the land and they were nomadic hunters, they hunted animals using boomerangs and spears, but when the Europeans arrived they bought illness and many aborigines dies.


  • Uluru is sacred to the Aborigines and it has many causes and accident rock paintings.
  • The nearest city is Alice Springs, 450 km away. Uluru is sacred to the Australian Aborigines and its formation is thought to have begun around 550 million years ago.
  • Uluru of Ayero Rock is a Monolltha a massive sandstone rock in central Australia. It is 346 metres high km long and 2.4 km wide. It is a completely bare rock as no vegetation grows there and it has a beatiful range of changing colours. At surrise and sunset the rock can became a deep red


flag of australia

  • The 7 points are for the states and territories except one because it belongs to the Aborigines and they have a flag.
  • The faderal Parlament has a senate and house of rapresentatives.
  • The capital of Australia is Camberra.
Flag of Northern Territory
Flag of New South Wales
Flag of South Australia
Flag of Western Australia
Flag of Queensland

A coral reef is a structure made up of hard corals growing together. They are mainly found in shallow tropical waters and are famous for their rich biodiversity. Coral reefs provide habitat for many marine species and protect coastlines from erosion.

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What is great coral reef?


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Corals are marine animals that live in groups called coral colonies. They build hard skeletons made of calcium extracted from seawater. These skeletons form coral reefs and other structures. Corals provide habitat for many other marine organisms and help protect coastlines from erosion. However, they are threatened by factors such as climate change and pollution.

The coral reef contains: fish, molluscs, crustaceans, sharks, sea turtles........

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most important fish

  • The representative fish is the clownfish
  • The smallest fish is 7 millimeters long
  • The largest fish is called a Sharkbaly and is 12 meters long



The clownfish is the representative coral reef fish due to its popularity, its bright colors and its symbiotic association with sea anemones. Its presence was amplified by the popularity of the film "Finding Nemo".

  • Australia's Great Barrier Reef is experiencing severe and widespread 'mass bleaching'.
  • Global warming, acidification of the seas, alien species and pollution are just the main factors triggering this process which, already in 1998, had affected approximately 16% of the world's corals.


  • The situation of coral reefs around the world is desperate: by 2050, 95% of corals could be affected by stress due to rising temperatures


  • Uluru is sacred to the Australian Aborigines and its formation is thought to have begun around 550 million years ago.
  • The flag of South Australia is a Blue Ensign with the state coat of arms on the right. The coat of arms has a circular shape, is gold in color with an Australian magpie (also called piping shrike) with its wings spread in the centre.
The flag of Queensland is a Blue Ensign with the state coat of arms on the right. The coat of arms has a circular shape, is white in color with a blue Maltese Cross in the center and an imperial crown of Saint Edward in the center of the cross.
  • The flag is a Blue Ensign with the state coat of arms on the right. The coat of arms has a circular shape, is white with the cross of St. George and in the center of it there is a golden heraldic lion. In each arm of the cross there is an eight-pointed golden star.
  • The flag of the Northern Territory is not a Blue Ensign, this is because having been created in 1978 it has never had colonial status.

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The Daintree rainforest is a 1200 km2 region along the north-east coast of Queensland in Australia, north of Mossman and Cairns, 180 million years old.

  • The flag of Western Australia is a Blue Ensign with the state coat of arms on the right.
  • On some beaches there are kangaroos that you can pet, with a guide to help you.
  • However, on some beaches it is forbidden to go because there are sharks
  • Lake Bumbunga, near the Clare Valley, South Australia
  • The magenta coasts attract amateur and professional photographers. The lake takes on shades of pink, white and blue, depending on the salinity of the water.
  • In the Blue Mountains there are many opportunities to see kangaroos in the wild and, if you're not lucky, just go to one of the kangaroo farms in the area, where it's easy to come into contact with these animals.