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novels inspired by ROBINSON CRUSOE

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Concrete Island

The Thousand Autumns of Jacob de Zoet

Life of Pi

is a novel, an allegorical fiction, dystopian fiction, coming-of-age by British writer William Golding written in 1952 and published two years later. it’s set on a deserted island and talks about Civilisation versus savagery, the loss of innocence, and the inherent darkness within humanity.



Jack: has a gruff and contradictory character, he wants to be the boss at all costs, sometimes becoming violent. As time goes by he becomes more evil, Jack represents evil.

Piggy suffers from asthma, is an orphan and before the shipwreck he lived with his aunt who has a sweet shop. Thanks to his glasses the children of the island can make fire.

Ralph: at first he shows little confidence but then thanks to his intelligence and agility he becomes the leader of the group. Ralph represents good.

. A plane crashes into the sea, and the only salvation is the uninhabited island nearby. The only survivors are a group of English boysin their pre-adolescence. together they immediately get to work in an attempt to self-organize and govern themselves with precise rules despite being without any help or control from an adult authority. Soon, their life turns into a hellish nightmare: something begins to not work as it should, as completely irrational ancestral fears and antisocial behavior emerge, from which a story develops that will expose the wildest and bestial aspects of human nature.


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The connections with Robinon Crusoe

human nature and the challenges of survival

loss of innocence.

concept of civilization versus savagery

have to adapt to their new environment in order to survive.

is a novel by the English writer James Graham Ballard, published in 1974. With this novel, Ballard continues his process of progressive detachment from strictly science fiction literature to explore postmodernism, a path begun in 1973 with Crash novel.

Concrete island

Robert Maitland, a wealthy and successful architect


A car accident leaves Robert Maitland, a wealthy architect in the midst of concealing his affair with a colleague, stranded in a large area of derelict land created by several intersecting motorways. Though surrounded by motorists and within sight of large buildings, Maitland is unable to escape the median strip and must struggle for survival. Along the way he encounters other inhabitants of the median strip, which he comes to call "The Island," including a teenaged sex worker who hides out in an abandoned air-raid bunker and an acrobat who became mentally disabled in an accident and now salvages car parts for bizarre shamanic rituals. He learns to survive by scavenging discarded food from littering motorists, and eventually comes to think of the island as his true home. Conflicts ensue with the other inhabitants and before long Maitland is struggling to determine whether he was truly meant to leave the island at all.


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survival and isolation psychological effects learns to adapt to his surroundings

The connections with Robinon Crusoe


"Life of Pi" is a Canadian philosophical and adventure novel written by Yann Martel, published in 2001. It won the 2002 Booker Prize and was made into a feature film in 2012.

Richard Parker : is an adult Bengal tiger who is stranded on the lifeboat with Pi when the ship sinks. Richard Parker lives on the lifeboat with Pi and is kept alive with the food and water Pi delivers. Richard Parker develops a relationship with Pi that allows them to coexist in their struggle.

Piscine Molitor Patel : known to all as just "Pi", is the narrator and protagonist of the novel. The story is told as a narrative from the perspective of a middle-aged Pi who, now married and having a family, is living in Canada. At the time of main events of the story, he was only sixteen years old.


the story is about a young Indian boy named Patel, who is nicknamed Pi. The first part of the novel introduces Pi's early life in Pondicherry, India, where his family runs a zoo. The story takes a dramatic turn when Pi's family decides to move to Canada, and they embark on a cargo ship with their zoo animals. However, the ship encounters a fierce storm, and Pi finds himself stranded on a lifeboat in the Pacific Ocean, along with him, the space was shared by: a Bengal tiger named Richard Parker. Pi's struggle for survival at sea. He faces numerous challenges, including finding food and water, dealing with the dangerous animals on the lifeboat, and coping with the harsh elements of the ocean. However , Pi forms a unique and uneasy alliance with Richard Parker, as they both rely on each other for survival. Eventually, after 227 days at sea, the lifeboat reaches the coast of Mexico. Pi and Richard Parker make their way to land, where the tiger disappears into the jungle without looking back, leaving Pi to face his rescue and recovery.


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isolationsurvivalspirituality and faith

The connections with Robinon Crusoe

The Thousand Autumns of Jacob of Zoet

is a historical novel by the English writer David Mitchell. Published in 2010 in England, it won the 2011 Commonwealth Writers' Prize. The novel is set towards the end of the 18th century


Orito: Jacob's primary love interest in the bulk of the novel, is an intelligent young Japanese woman who studies at the medical academy of Dr. Marinus while not performing her duties as a capable midwife. She is distinguished by a burn mark on her cheek. Orito is, if not braver, than at least more decisive than Jacob, and her ingenuity in her escape is countered by her loyalty to her friends.

Dr. Marinus: One of the novel's most inscrutable characters, Dr. Marinus is a cranky old European doctor who instructs students on Dejima in medicine. His interests, however, lie far beyond medicine, as does his area of respect. Although grumpy on first encounters, Dr. Marinus eventually reveals himself to be as brave as anyone, standing firm with de Zoet on the tower as the English fire cannonballs at them.

Jacob de zoet: The protagonist of the story, Jacob de Zoet is a devout, honest young Dutch clerk, a full head of red hair, and more integrity than the rest of the Dutch East Indies Company put together. He is loyal, steadfast, curious, reasonable, and even brave when the time comes.


1799: Jacob de Zoet is a poor shop apprentice, madly in love with the master's daughter. To obtain the hand of the beautiful Anna, all that remains is to lea. When he arrives at his destination, he finds himself in a new world that immediately fascinates him: A serious and honest official, he begins to work on the accounting books, deals with commercial negotiations with the local authorities, and gets to know the local personalities. And in particular he bonds with Doctor Marinus, a doctor and scientist who self-exiled on the island. Among the students of his medical school, Aibagawa Orito, a young midwife, stands out for her talent and vocation. Coming across this delicate creature, marked by a mysterious scar on her face, and falling madly in love with her is one thing for de Zoet. But it is also the first, fatal step towards the dark destiny that awaits him in an intricate story of love and death, fatal encounters, betrayals, crimes, friendships.


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Isolation cultural encounter

The connections with Robinon Crusoe

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