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My frist try with the adult rugby team

The stadium was buzzing with excitement, filled with cheers and shouts. Fans were eager for the game, while on the field, we were tense and focused. We, the local rugby team, were ready to face the top-ranked team in the group. Beating them would be a big achievement for us. At first, we were trailing by six points, but we didn't give up. We had a chance to score with a penalty kick. We decided to take it, which brought us closer to our opponents by only three points. In the second half, our opponents played aggressively. They were determined to win, and it seemed like we might lose. With only four minutes left, we were still behind by six points. But then, we launched one final attack. I got the ball on the right wing and scored a try, bringing victory within our reach. The crowd erupted with joy as our kicker made the conversion, securing our win against the top team in the group. In the end, we weren't just a team; we were champions united by our love for rugby.

After match pic with my mate