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L'Asia è il continente più esteso e popoloso del mondo, situato principalmente nell'emisfero orientale dell'Emisfero Boreale. Copre un'area vastissima, estendendosi dal Mar Glaciale Artico a nord fino all'Oceano Indiano a sud. Confina ad ovest con l'Europa e ad est con l'Oceano Pacifico. Questo continente ricco di storia, cultura e diversità geografica è suddiviso in diverse regioni, ognuna con le proprie caratteristiche uniche.


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We don't like to bore in our classes or work with flat content. It's time to bet on dynamic and interactive learning experiences that stimulate the thinking and creativity of each student.

Raise a question or problem that makes the class think; It is the essential ingredient to keep their attention. It is usually posed at the beginning of the topic to encourage their critical thinking and participation.




Did you know that Genially allows you to share your creation directly, without the need for downloads? Ready for students to view iton any device and learn anywhere.When it comes to giving a presentation, there are two objectives: conveying information and avoiding yawns. For this, it can bea good practice to create a outline and use words and concepts thathelp with content assimilation.

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Although you should not abuse bullet points, icons and schemes can be great allies when presenting.You will keep your audience/class engaged and the information will be engraved in their brains.

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We better capture visual content. This type of content is associated with cognitive and psychological mechanisms. Things enter through the eyes, the first image is what counts. We associate visual content with emotions.