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Choose about purchase a product

By Chío, Danny, Ricardo and Uriel

$3499 Dollars

How to buy the Apple Vision Pro

We are going to tell you everything about how to buy this expensive device


why are they so expensive?

Ergonomic Apple ecosystemQualityBrandPromissingSo cool

Apple Vision Pro can transform any room into your own personal theater. Expand your movies, shows, and games up to the perfect size while feeling like you’re part of the action with Spatial Audio. The Apple Vision Pro use 4k pixels for each eyes.This is one of the great advances that Apple has had and it is one of the most amazing technological projects

Step by step to get the brand new iphone vision pro

First step

You gotta find out an official apple store, cause' only there u can find the apple vision pro

Check if there's stock


Once you checked the stores you have to be sure the store has stock


Finally we've completed all the previous steps, it's time to purchase those awesome apple vision pro

They allow the user to see images and videos in real size and also enlarge them so that they are positioned before us as if we were in a movie theater.

  • 600 apps and games specifically designed for Vision Pro are available, along with one million compatible apps.

its management is through

  • Hands
  • Voice
  • Eyes

Apple Vision Pro is a spatial computer that combines digital content and applications in your physical space

What is the Apple vision pro?

It provides “augmented reality” and not “virtual reality” meaning users will be able to see the world around them while using it, rather than being confined to a completely virtual environment.