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By:Sarah Johnson-Cotes

One Plate At A Time

Combating Obesity:

As of 2019, almost 40% of NYC public-school children in grades K-8 are overweight or obese.1 Children living in the Bronx have the highest prevalence of obesity (43% vs. 38% in Manhattan, 39% in Queens, 40% in Staten Island and 41% in Brooklyn).2

Issue at Hand

The Bronx is a unique community home to many immigrant families (predominantly Hispanic, African, and Carribean)

Bronx Diversity

Why is obesity so prevalent in the Bronx?

High poverty rates (24% of Bronx residents live in poverty – double the national average) and a lack of easy access to healthy, affordable foods for many families, have contributed to the high obesity rate among young people.1

Implement healthy eating workshops in public elementary schools within the Bronx


- Children will learn to eat healthy within their respective cultures.- Increase the number of students who incorporate fruits and vegetables into their daily diet- Decrease consumption of sugary beverages- Help families find a balance with portion control and identify superfoods within their culture.- Assess families implementating of healthy eating habits through pre and post workshop surveys


One plate at a time...







Begin Workshop #1 and administer pre-survey

Review expectations and divide team to each district in the Bronx

Set up schedule/ amazon delivery for recipe workshops

Create workshops, pre/post surveys, and take home fliers

Organize team and meet with local public school administrators

Students will not only learn how to eat healthy, but will learn about food from all around the world!Workshops will highlight one cultural food each week from a different country

Cultural HighlIghts

To replace the need for fast food we will provide easy 20 minute recipes that are low in cost and high in nutrients.

Healthy Food

Workshops and pamphlets will highlight the dangers of fast food consumption. Many families rely on fast food because of its convenience and affordable prices

Fast Food

Avoiding the American Diet

Through pre/post surveys parents will be asked the following questions:Pre-Workshop- On average, how many sugary drinks does your child consume every day? - How many portions of fruits and vegetables does your child consume a day?- How many times a week does your family consume fast food?Post-Workshop- How successful was your family in incorporating fruits and vegetables into your diet?- Has the number of sugary drinks a day changed?- How often is your family consuming fast food per week?



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