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When Gifted Students Struggle

"Dabrowski Explains Why Gifted Kids are Melting Down Emotionally (and how adults can help),"

Over-excitability in gifted children, as popularized by Kazimierz Dabrowski, is a trait, also known as heightened sensitivities. Heightened sensitivities includes five types of over-excitabilities:1. psychomotor2. sensual3. emotional4. imaginational5. intellectual.

Emotional over-excitability can manifest in deep concern and complex emotions. Gifted children experiencing this trait may exhibit intense emotional responses to global issues.

How Can Adults Help Emotional Over-Excitability?

1. Teaching them they can make a difference.2. Replacing potentially distressing news with educational programs.3. Helping them distinguish intentions from actions.4. Work on their self-esteem.5. Providing a safe space for gifted children to express their emotions

Most Importantly...

Adults must engage in difficult conversations in an authentic way and encourage practicing these skills to promote understanding and effective communication for gifted children.

Practicing, normalizing, and sharing information can help lead to valuable discussions with my gifted students

Gifted children feel intense emotions, but providing coping mechanizms is helpful. I learned new techniques to help my students

My Biggest Takeaways & How They Will Impact My Relationship with Gifted Students

There are 5 different types of overexcitability.I can identify them to better understand my students.

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