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Jonathan Aguilar

Project Brief

College Mobile App Concept

A visualization for a better college mobile app experience and conectivity



1. Hypothesis

2. Name of App

3. The Mission

4. Timeline

7. Materials

9. Visual Aesthetic

7. Closure

The inspiration for my mobile application is Facebook as Facebook was created for university students, specifically only for Harvard students


Hopefully create a mobile app like facebook

Potential App Name: CUNYConnect

The Official name may be different as I brainstorm a better name

The Mission

A more Sophisticated college Mobile app experience

The purpose of this app is to hopefully bring a modernized easy to naviate application for CUNY students to check their class schedule, assignments, deadlines, connect with other students, and most importantly, make their college experience less stressful by presenting all the information they need right at their fingertips

+ info

Include animations & visuals to make it fun. Logos, icons, illustrations, photography, etc.

Navigation Menus and early visuals

Site Map/Layout


Mobile App timeline, step by step

User Testing

Gather user data

Use data to analyze any possible problems and fix them

Create or Gather media

Design & Media



It is important that everything meets the goals and looks like the vison I had


Materials needed to achieve desiered aesthetic

Will need

  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Color Palette website
  • Website for icons
  • Google fonts
  • Blackboard app for reference
  • May need to reserve the lab room if needed



Aesthetic COmparison

Blackboard vs my app visualization


Bland and old UI

  • Presents the information you need & can be found easily.
  • Connects students through messaging/social networking.
  • Interactivity and animation area major component of the app.
  • More features than what BB has



Modern Visual

  • The old user interface takes up a lot of potentially useful space.
  • Confusing navigation, dont know what is clickable/interactive.
  • Does not connect students.
  • No actual useful features.


  • Goals:
    • Modern and easy to navigate interface
    • Connect students with other students
    • Academic information
    • More features such as food, events, etc.
  • Meant to solve/replace bad interface applications such as the BB app
  • Make people want to use the app through visuals and satisfying animations
  • Target Audience: CUNY students
  • Competition: Blackboard

Visual accompaniment...

Anyone who has used the current blackboard mobile application knows that it sucks. It is complicated to navigate and not very modern. I hope to create a better version of BB with more features

  • Have a section for school that would display to dos, assignments, calendar, and other academic needs.
  • Would also have a section for entertainment (ex. section with reviews of professors) Social networking
  • More features such as a digital id to enter campus (ex. on the left from California State University San Marcos)

Here is an example on the aesthetic and color palette that I'm going for. Both found on google.

Blackboard UI

It does not have a pleseant UI experience and does not provide the information needed. I tried searching for my grades of past classes but does not work, why is that section even there if it does not serve a purpose.