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famous who donate for a better world

Made by: Francisco nº12, Guilherme nº14, Henrique nº15, Luana nº21

our celebrities who help the world

Cristiano Ronaldo


Bill Gates



Cistiano Ronaldo has been involved in various charitable efforts and donations throughout his career. He has suported causes related to children health, cancer research, and disaster relief. Ronaldo has also donated to organisations like UNICEF, save the children, make-a-wish and hospitals in Portugal.

Cristiano Ronaldo was also the number one football player that most donated in the world. This title was given by Athletes Gone Good, already donating milions of euros.

CuriositiesaboutCristiano Ronaldo

Bill and Melinda Gate`s foundation is an organization funded by them in 2000. Its main objectives include improving global health, reducing poverty, and provide acess to education and technogy.

Bill Gates

Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

.The organization makes significant efforts to improve the quality of education and access to educational resources, especially in underserved regions. This includes the development of innovative and technological programs that help teachers and students.

.The foundation supports initiatives that aim to strengthen poverty by promoting sustainable economic development and providing employment and to offer opportunities in disadvantaged communities.

Bill Gates

.Public health The foundation plays a crucial role in combating communicable diseases, leading vaccination initiatives and promoting the equitable distribution of medicines and health interventions in underserved regions around the world.

Jeff Bezos has donated to numerous organizations and causes over years, spanning environmental conversation, homelessness albeviation, education,medical research, disaster relief, arts and culture, social justice, technology and humanitarian aid,His philanthropic efforts include the Bezos Earth Fundd, the Day One Fund and personal contribuitians.

Where does Jeff Bezos donate too?

Jeff Bezos, the renowned billionaire and business magnate, is a name that resonates worldwide. As the founder and CEO of Amazon, Bezos has transformed the way we shop and revolutionized the e-commerce industry. While many people are familiar with his success story, there are several surprising facts about Jeff Bezos that are not widely known.

Curiosites about Jeff Bezos



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