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New Teacher Onboarding

Technology Introduction


Special Education Department

Heather Solt

Christa Oister

Christy Nau

Giovana Boroch

hsolt@ccaeducate.meSpecializes in High School and ELA Support

coister@ccaeducate.meSpecializes in Social Skills and Elementary Support

cnau@ccaeducate.meSpecializes in Middle School and Math Support

gaugustine@ccaeducate.meSpecializes in Full Time Support

Program Specialists

Share.....1. Your Name and Office2. Your teaching background. 3. What are you teaching (grade level, course, etc) at CCA?4. Roll the die and share the answer to the question.5. Select who goes next.

Let's Get to Know Each Other

Zoom Phone

JIRA Overview

Google Chrome

Microsoft Edge

Calling from Zoom Meeting

Presenting in Zoom Tips

Opening Pages on Startup

Extending your display

Adding an event

Manageing an event

The home button will bring you back to this page.



Online vs Desktop

Online Applications

If you see a dot like this: Hover over it to see more information. If you either of these symbols: OR Click for a link.

Notification Settings


Autostart Setting

Chat Basics

Key Features

Schedule with Zoom Link

Logging Calls

Resources and Recordings

Test Student Navigation

Basics of Navigation

Microsoft TEAMS


Sites to Save



Helpful New Teacher Documents


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Technology Intro. Index

Step 5

Scroll to the top and make sure the screens are in the correct order (1 is your laptop).

Step 4

Scroll to the bottom of the display settings. Under "Multiple displays" choose "Extend these displays or Extend desktop to this display"

Step 3

Go to System

Go to settings.

Go to the windows icon in the bottom left.

Step 2

Step 1

How to extend your display!


Can be accessed through Clever. Can we used for learner support/practice.

This is used for 3 things:1. Professional Growth (Act 48, evaluations, etc)2. Absence Management3. Timecard (for hourly employees)

Employee Portal


Used to access staff documents across departments. Links to Employee access center and frontline are on the portal.

This is the CCA Relationship Management System. Used to access course content, learner data, and log contacts.

This is used as a communication tool to track all special education learners

Houses special education documentation. This is where IEP, NOREP, etc. are written

Microsoft Online (Email, Calendar, Onedrive)





A hub that school resources are saved such as sites the school pays for.


Sites to Save

Sign in through the zoom app on your computer using the SSO (ccaeducate).

This is the primary contact method. Desk phone are no longer in use. Do not use your personal phone number. Linked here is a guide to the zoom phone.Also, you are able to call families from a zoom meeting. To do this, go to Participants, then Invite, then zoom phone, and then dial the phone number.

Zoom Phone

This will merge the call into the meeting.

Dial the phone number.

How to call from a zoom meeting ?

A window will pop up when you share, which you will select how you want to share. Note: When you share know that zoom features bar and the video displays are not seen by viewers. Instead they see behind them.

Zoom Presenting Tips

Login information will be the same as what you use to login to your CCA computer.This will update with your email and computer.

4 out of 4 Program Specialists recommend the online version and use it themselves.Thus, we will show demonstrations in the online version for the rest of the presentation.

The two versions of Outlook

While this version has all of the same core features, people tend to find it more user friendly. Specifically, people benefit from pinning emails to the top of the screen, clicking on calendar links, etc.

The desktop app will allow you to use all of the same core features as the web version, but they are layed out differently and sometimes use different wording.

Online Version

Desktop Application

Hover over the yellow dots to see explaination of important features.

Outlook Email Key Components

It is important to have your calendar up to date. This allows others to see when you are busy and plan meetings with you.

Hover over the yellow dots to see explaination of important features.

Outlook Calendar Key Components

Fill in the Event Information (Title, Invite other staff, Date, Time, Location, other details).

In the online version of outlook

How to make a Calendar event

Step 4

Go back to the Event( found at top) and Click Save

Step 3

Use the scheduling assistant (found at top) to see when other staff are free. Note: this will not work for learners as their calendars are in edio.

Press New Event, from your calendar home page (in the upper left).

Step 2

Step 1

Once you are signed into Microsoft online, you can access documents by clicking on the 9 dots in the upper left. These applications include OneDrive, Forms, Shared Documents, and more. Tip: Save everything to your OneDrive folder. This will back up on the cloud, allow you to share easily, and access it online.

Applications in Outlook

How to set up your browsers to have pages open automatically.

1. Press the three dots at the top right of your screen to open the settings menu 2. Press on settings

Open Pages on Start up

Add the Site URL then press Add
Choose On Startup. When menu pops up choose "Add a new page"

How to have pages autostart when opening your browser.

Press on settings
Press the three dots at the top right of your screen.

How to have pages autostart when opening your browser.

Enter the URL then "Add"
Press "Start Home and New Tabs" then "Add Page"

How to have pages autostart when opening your browser.

You can access teams online or in the app. It is recommended you use the app as most people find it more user friendly.
Most used features

You can access other Microsoft apps here if you wish.

You can use this feature to make internal calls to other CCA staff.

This will link with your outlook calendar and you can access meeting from here.

If you would be added to a class in teams, assignments and due dates would be posted here. Currently, this is rarely used.

Teams is utilized to get messages out to groups including Special Education k-12, Grade level teams, content specific teams, etc. It also holds resources in the files of each channel.

The chat is used for internal communication between staff. You can chat, call, or video call from this feature. It is important to remain professional at all times.

This will notify you of new posts within any Team that you have notications on.

You can access your OneDrive files as well as files shared in teams.

Teams Features

To have Teams open automatically when you start your computer1. Press on the three dots to the left of your icon. 2. Go to Settings 3. Under General Settings4. Go to System, check "Auto-Start Application"

Setting up Your Teams App - Autostart

The chat is used for internal communication. Hover over the yellow dots to see what a couple key features do.

Chat in Teams

Pro Tip: You can change your view to a list view. By going to settings, then Appearance and accessibility, then Layout, and click on List.

The page to the right is the Teams page shown in the icon view. Hover over the yellow dots to see information.

Teams in Teams

Make sure to turn the notifications by pressing on the three dot on the left of the screen.

Know that teams will hide channel to save space.You can make the hidden channel appear by clicking on "See all channels".

Teams Hidden Channels

Login information will be the same as what you use to login to your CCA computer.This will update with your email and computer.

The Chat feature allows you to send edio Chats to learners and caretakers.

Directory allows you to look up learners caretakers, learning coaches, and CCA staff by name..

Analytics will allow you to view key student data for your class (my students) or your caseload (advisory report).

As a teacher, you may go here to use the bulk log feature. Otherwise, you will not use this often.

Community gives learners access to field trips and clubs. As a teacher, you can view the offers here as well to share with learners.

The Webmail feature will link to your CCA Microsoft email. When a family emails you, it will show in your edio inbox..

This calendar is used to interact with learners and courses. It does not sync. with your microsoft calendar (that you use for internal meetings).

This will allow you to see classes you teach.

This allows you to see an overview of calendar, courses, and learner progress.

Fun Fact:

You can impersonate a learner or caretaker to see what edio looks like from their point of view. To do this, click on "impersonate" from the profile page of the person you want to impersonate. Note: when you impersonate a yellow bar will appear accross the top of the screen. To end impersonation you will click "Stop impersonation" in the upper right.CLICK HERE TO SEE A VIDEO ON IMPERSONATION!

Test Testerson is a sample student in edio.

Navigating to a student

To Log communications: 1. Go to the learner's profile 2. Go to Log 3. Click "+ Add Log" 4. Fill in the log summarizing with important details included 5. Click "Save Log:

  • Logging communication to families/learners is important!
  • Calls and Emails will need to be logged by you in the learner's edio log.
  • Edio chats log automatically (overnight).

Logging Communication in edio

  • The Advisory Reprot is specific for special education teachers.
  • If you do not hold a Course(Math/ELA) you will not have a report in "My Students" or "My Courses".

The Analytics Tab > Advisory Report

  • When you click on a learner from your Advisory Report, you will go to this page which includes some detailed information for that learner.
  • You can use advanced filter to change what is displayed and see lots of detailed informaiton you may need.

The Analytics Tab > Advisory Report

Note: If you click on the link from the portal, you will not have to login.

Login with SSO. You will only have to type in your CCA email.

Hourly Staff Only! Used to clock in and out.

Used to track act 48 hours, trainings, and evaluations

Used to manage time off and view time off balances.

Professional Development: Adding an Event

Typically, you will be sent a link to sign up for a event (training). If you click on the link, you can click sign up. (You must be longed into frontline prior to clicking on the link.)You are also able to search offering by...1. Go to Activity Catalogs2. Go to Catalog3. Search the Catelog by event or date4. Sign Up for your event

To get credit for act 48 hours, you need to be able to mark an event complete. Click here to see the steps.

Professional Development: Manage an event

JIRA is a program that CCA utilizes to track all special education learners. You can track all learners on your caseload through JIRA (enrollment, evaluations, related services, etc.) You will receive email notifications as to where the learner is in the process You can search for any learner on your caseload to complete a review / audit of learner placement and related services.


Heather Solt​ hsolt@ccaeducate.me

Giovana Augustine​ gaugustine@ccaeducate.me

Christy Nau​ cnau@ccaeducate.me

Christa Oister​ coister@ccaeducate.me

For help with specific technology, reach out to your mentor or a program specialist. Below are the names and emails for the Program Specialists.