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This guide will show you how to find credible resources online and provide you with tools to help you cite your sources.

Resources to Rely On



Reliable Resources


Tips & Tricks

Reliable Search Engines




Sections like this will help you keep things organized


Today I will...learn how to search for, identify, and cite reliable and credible sources in a whole group lesson with my schools ITC.So I can...apply this information in searching for, identifying and citing sources when completing writing assignments and other projects.I'll know I have it when...I can identify at least 2 reliable sources and provide a proper citation.


Resources should be...credibletrustworthyobjective

Reliable Resources

Check the domain name of the website. Generally .gov and .edu sites are credible websites.

Scroll past sponsored searches at the top.

Use quotation marks to find exact wording.

Use these tips & tricks to help refine your searches on Google

Research Tips & Tricks

Investigate the author. Are they trying to sell you a product or idea? Are they being funded by the organization publishing their article?

Click on the images to the right to be taken to a library approved search engine! These are helpful tools when you want to find trustworthy information.

Reputable Search Engines


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