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1. How does social media make you feel about yourself?2. Have you ever considered quitting social media? Why or why not?3. What are some negative effects of comparing ourselves to others on social media?4. Do you think social media portrays an accurate representation of people's lives? Why or why not?5. How can we maintain a healthy relationship with social media and avoid feeling bad about ourselves?


Being connected to your friends, family, and everyone else online can be awesome! However, it is easy to get caught up with feeling like life needs to be perfect and comparing ourselves to others.


1. Social media is designed to make people feel bad about themselves. 2. The protagonist quit social media because she felt overwhelmed. 3. The protagonist's friend suggests watching a video about global warming. 4. Brandy, an influencer, gets paid to post on social media. 5. The protagonist realizes that everything on social media is a big hoax.6. Social media is always full of fun things and interesting ideas.7. Brandy and David, the perfect couple on social media, never fight. 8. The protagonist's friend believes that no one is perfect, not even Brandy. 9. The protagonist decides to celebrate her realization with a selfie. 10. The protagonist wishes she had someone like Ruth and Eve.

True or False?

Correct answers: 1. True 2. True 3. True 4. True 5. False - The protagonist realizes that not everything on social media is a big hoax. 6. False - The protagonist's friend mentions that social media can be really great, but doesn't explicitly say it's always full of fun things and interesting ideas. 7. False - The video doesn't mention whether Brandy and David fight or not. 8. True 9. False - The protagonist decides not to celebrate with a selfie. 10. True

True or False?