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The Progressives: Muckraker Edition

Lincoln Steffens

Ida Tarbell

Jacob Riis

Upton Sinclair




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1. Journalists: you are researchers of your muckraker's cause and publication. What was it? Why did they do it? How did they do it?2. Columnists: You analyze the impact, if any, of these reformers and their works. Did legislation result after their hard work? What was it?3. Editors: You create the headline -make sure to make it sensational! You are also responsible for laying out the newspaper and creating a visually appealing product. You are the one to share out to the class.

In your assigned groups you should determine two/three people for each role to work collaboratively

What is a muckraker? Muckrakers were Progressive era (1890s-1920s) journalists, novelists, cartoonists and photographers who wanted to expose the corruption they felt was rampant in American government and society (especially in big business).