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Criterion C

Formative evaluation Manuela Tapia


Climatic factors

  • United States has 150 million vehicles
  • Burn fossil fuels
  • They are hyper-consumers

Criterion B

Water vaporLand surface temperatureCloud fraction

Human impact

Burn of treesCarbon dioxideMethane (agriculture, fossil fuels, when glaciers melt)


HeatingDecrease in sea ice coverReduction of primary productivity

How do ecosystems show the effects of HUMAN IMPACT and globalization?Deforestation, overfishing, hunting, our CO2 emissions, over population damage the environment in different ways. We can see the results of these human activities when the glaciers melt, huge lands don't have trees so they can't absorb enough CO2 and there is an increase in temperature. There is loss of diversity. And globalization has worsened the situation, transportation of goods between countries emits too much CO2 and some of these transpotations may contain invasive species for other habitats. Which practical actions can we implement in the future to decrease the effects of GLOBAL WARMING?

  • Trying to reduce buying products that we see online that come from other countries because the transportation and infrastructure it needs damages the environment.
  • Reduce the use of vehicles, using bycicles for short distances.
  • Not using plastics
  • Learning about recycling and try to practice it in our homes.
  • Reducing the use of water and trying to save energy in our daily activities.

Criterion C