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Increasing Engagement using Multimedia

Publish multimedia to enrich course content in Canvas.




Use the Rich Content Editor to add images, videos, and text to support instruction.

Select Teachers and Students to give students page editing permissions. Students can collaborate on the same page and add multimedia to support their work.


Record instructional videos or directions using the Record/Upload Media tool. Adding audio and video to a lesson can boost engagement and align to different learning styles.

Record/Upload Media

Upload documents and PDFs for students to reference in relation to module or lesson content. Text-based materials add variety in presenting information to learners.


Accessibility Checker

You can use the Accessibility Checker to design course content while considering accessibility attributes. This tool only verifies content created within the Rich Content Editor.

Canvas Studio

Embed your previously-created instructional videos directly from Canvas Studio into your module or lesson. Creating a personal presence supports a learner's engagement with the content.

Icon Maker

Use the Icon Maker to create visual indicators throughout your lesson. This is a great way to get a student's attention and for creating scannable, consistent content. Having simple and customizable icons benefits all students, but especially our littlest learners (K-5).

Google Drive

Embed multimedia directly from your Google Drive ( Slides, Docs, Sheets, etc.).

Create hyperlinks to external websites and internal course links to provide easy access to learners.


Add images to your lesson content to create a more visually appealing display of information. You can add images by uploading from your laptop, searching Unsplash, or inputting an image's URL.


Equation Editor

Canvas includes the option to create equations and expressions with its graphical point-and-click editor. The Equation Editor can be used for basic mathematical formatting for introductory math courses or for more advanced mathematical text for higher-level math courses. Both students and instructors have access to the editor.