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SummerCamp 2024 AppGuide


How to Add a New Camp

How to view Camp List

How to Add a Camper to a Camp

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To register a new camp not previously added, Click on the 'Add a Camp' button. This action will navigate you to the Add a Camp form.

Fill out the necessary information about the new camp. Once completed, click on Submit.

Your entry has been successfully included in the public list of camps for others to review.

Additionally, an alert will be sent to the administrator to add a button for the new camp on the homepage. This process may take sometime if the admin is busy. You will receive a notification once the button for the camp has been established.

To view the public summer camp list, click on "Click on View a list of Summer Camps" button on the home page. Camps can be viewed as a list or as events on the calendar. This list does not contain details on registered campers.

* You must request access to view the list or calendar of registered campers. You should do this if you would like to share the camps your camper will be attending. Click on "Click to view calendar of registered camper" to request for access.

Once you have gained access, you can now view the the list of registered campers. Calendar view will also be available here.

To share the camp your child will be attending, first check the registered camper list/calendar. If the camp and week you selected is already added to the list, PLEASE UPDATE THE CURRENT ENTRY. DO NOT ADD A NEW ENTRY FROM THE HOMEPAGE, WE WANT TO AVOID HAVING MULTIPLES ENTRIES FOR THE SAME CAMP.

To add your camper to camp with an existing record, click on the 3 dots to the left of the entry. Then click on 'Edit Entry'

Check the box next to your camper's name and click on 'Submit'

To add a camper to a camp that does not have an existing entry, click on the camp from the homepage, fill out the necessary information, check the box next to your camper's name and click on submit.

If your camper's name is not listed, please contact the admin to have your camper's name added to this app.