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21 business expansion plan

A vision, AN IDEA,a future anyone can touch

I have been tasked with crafting a compelling presentation for a distinguished company operating in the world of luxury events. This unique enterprise boasts an exclusive product, distinguished by the prestigious inclusion of the Ferrari brand. The mission at hand is not only to promote this exceptional collaboration but also to extend its reach internationally, promoting clients to the enchanting city of Modena. At the heart of our presentation lies the pivotal element of our collaboration with Ferrari – a brand synonymous with sophistication, prestige, and an unrivaled passion for automotive excellence. Our objective is to weave a narrative that not only underscores the allure of Ferrari but also demonstrates how this partnership elevates our luxury events into an unparalleled realm of opulence and exclusivity.


1. 21 is unique

The reason why no one can compete

Ferrari, a name synonymous with prestige, history, and unique charm. We are proud to bring the allure of Ferrari to our exclusive luxury events, offering a global connection to the lap of luxury.

the ferrari brand

Modena, a city steeped in history, not only as the birthplace of Ferrari but also renowned for its culinary mastery. It's a destination where luxury can to life.

the magic of modena

Imagine personalized luxury packages, exclusive events, and unique activities - all curated to perfection. Our collaboration with Ferrari elevates these experiences to unparalleled heights.

a tailored experience

this is who we are

Don't dream your life, live your dreams

-Mark Twain

2.international expansion

With a taste of 21

Connect thanks to the local companies and through reserch to foreign establishments

Present our luxury events with the finest local establishments - upscale restaurants, luxury hotels, and cultural activities.

expansion timeline

the steps to make 21 international

The aimed strategy to sell an extraodinary experience has many steps. The main one is understand your product and create something that anyone would want.

2024 spring

build local partners


Build foreign partners
a taste of 21

The goal is to have an event starting during mid autum for international clients

Thanks to the automotive and motor valley connections follow the main events to promote 21

THe 21 taste experience

What can be made to be unique forever

Organise spot events in aimed locations to give a taste of what 21 is capable of

Like red wine, as time passes, every sip has a different flavour, but to really enjoy it you need a full glass.The taste of 21 is an experience that can be repeated, a format that can be promoted world wide thanks to agencies.But its just the first sip of the glass, just a taste.



Follow the road

2024 Autum

first event


Ferrari Sales in 2023


of the Ferrari model were sold between Europe, Middle East e Africa. With an incredible data: 1/4 new english buyers are woman


of the sales are towards asia. Cina has had a major increase up to 12% from 8%


Last but not least we have the Americas, with as a leading country the USA

The luxury market in Italy has seen a 191% increase over the last 30 years, and a further 12% increase is expected, along with a steady growth in hotels and venue availability.

The luxury market expansion


In italy

Our ideas

To summarise...

Partner with Fashion Shows and Design Exhibitions
Partner with Cultural Festivals
Partner with Gourmet food and wine tours
Sport and Adventures + behind the-the-scenes
Partner with big brands to cross sell
Sell a taste of 21 to international agencies
Cultural immersion journeys
Create connections with municipalities
Luxury with a Conscience


Making a Difference Together​.