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To empower all people to manage their sexual and reproductive health through patient services, education, and advocacy.

Day 1

PPWINew Employee Orientation

To empower all people to manage their sexual and reproductive health through patient services, education, and advocacy.

Our mission

Tanya Atkinson President and CEO


Welcome from our President

Lori's Story

Day 1: Objectives





State the MISSION of Planned Parenthood of Wisconsin


Tend to the team

  • Make sure tech works before each session.
  • Start & end on time.
  • Take care of your needs.

We try and we learn

Keep them in the loop

Make a connection

Clear the slate

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PP Global works with more than 100 organizations in Africa and Latin America to provide resources, information and support

Present in all 50 states

more than 600 health centers

49 independent affiliates

the oldest, largest and most trusted reproductive & sexual health care organization in the WORLD.

Planned Parenthood Federation of America (PPFA)

Planned Parenthood is…

43 thousand people work for Planned Parenthood in the US.

Planned Parenthood provides education and outreach to 1.1 million people every year.

1 in 5 women in the US have visited a Planned Parenthood clinic at least once.

4.5 million people get tested and treated for STDs in our health centers each year.

76% of our patients come to us for pregnancy prevention services.

2 million people visit Planned Parenthood every year.

Public Affairs

Administrative Support


Patient Services

In this together

Where  Do  YOU  Fit in?

community partners


Students & interns

board members

Y’all come back now!

Time for a break

Aimee Obregon VP of Security and Technology

Safety, Securities & Facilities

11 2023

Noelle Fredrich Director of IT

Your Security, Facilities, and IT Team

Mark Teper Facilities Project Manager

David Paider Facilities Manager

Aimee Obregon VP of Security and Technology

11 2023

  • PPWI management is committed to providing services in a professional and secure way, and to protecting the confidentiality, dignity, and safety of clients and staff. 
  • We believe that many security incidents can be anticipated and avoided or mitigated through preparation.
  • While we can't control events like protesters and patient outbursts, PPWI is committed to establishing measures to minimize their impact.

The PPWI  Commitment to Safety and Security

11 2023

When the alarm is on, it needs to be disarmed when you enter the building.  Rushing in and out, even for a few seconds, sets off the alarm. The alarm company then calls law enforcement or PPWI security (depending on location).  If you set off the alarm or have problems with it, call or text a member of the Security and Facilities team.  We have remote access to the alarm panel and can fix almost any issue.

All PPWI buildings have alarm systems to protect the building during non-business hours.

11 2023

  • PPWI cameras are remotely monitored by our Safety and Security team.
  • Recordings are kept for a specific, limited amount of time -- If you feel a video should be kept longer, contact Aimee.
  • Direct law enforcement requests for videos to Aimee.


11 2023

ID badges not only identify us as employees of PPWI, but also provide us with card access into PPWI facilities.

Email the following to  Aimee.Obregon@ppwi.org

  • The name you would like on your ID card. 
  • It can be a first name (actual or preferred)
  • or first name, last initial.
  • Licensed staff should include their credentials specific to their position (RN, NP, etc.)
  • A photo with a neutral background
  • Personal pronouns 

ID Badges & Access Control

11 2023

  • Proper design and effective use of the built environment can reduce security incidents. 
  • This includes things such as lighting, property upkeep (trash removal, landscaping), access control, keeping clear lines of sight.

Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design

11 2023

Staff Safety and Security

  • NO weapons or firearms are allowed in any PPWI building. This applies to patients, guests, contractors, volunteers and employees...even if they hold a concealed carry permit issued by the State of Wisconsin.
  • We have a PROHIBITED CONDUCT POLICY for patients/guests.

Patient Safety

Security Guards are located at:

  • Appleton
  • Jackson Street
  • Madison East
  • Mitchell Street x 2
  • Northwest
  • Sheboygan
  • Water Street
  • Wisconsin Avenue 

Security Guards

11 2023

Talk with your manager about talking points and messaging.  Transfer suspicious-sounding calls to our Phishing line: extension 3742  (414-289-3742) 

    Suspicious Calls

      Sting operations are  used by Planned Parenthood opponents to discredit our services.  
        Opponents secretly record interactions with Planned Parenthood staff.
          Live Action targets PP health centers throughout the country.

            Sting Operations

            11 2023

            TEND TO THE TEAM: Do not call out a co-worker's name in front of protesters!

            • Abortion protests are protected as FREEDOM OF SPEECH under the First Amendment to the United States Constitution.
            • If there are protesters at your health center, do not engage with them, even if they address you. 


              Record people as they enter or leave the clinic

              Threaten patients or staff

              Use loudspeakers or bullhorns to disrupt activity in the health center or nearby businesses

              Meet patients on PPWI property or follow them in

              Block access to the property

              Shout at patients and staff

              Give literature to patients or staff

              Sing, pray & carry signs​

              Assemble & protest on the PUBLIC sidewalk

              Protesters CANNOT

              Protesters CAN

              11 2023


              Report immediate concerns like loss of power, flooding, snow removal, HVAC or other issues to anyone on of the staff in Security and Facilities. 

                Request minor or light maintenance (like carpet cleaning, window washing, etc.) through the Tegrete portal (usually done by a site manager) 
                  Make special requests such as furniture moving, or junk removal through the Tegrete portal.

                  Security, Facilities, and IT Contacts

                  David Paider Facilities Manager Cell: 920-609-1330 Office: 414-289-3768  Mark Teper Facilities Project Manager Cell: 414-659-0080


                  Aimee Obregon VP of Security & Technology Cell: 414-303-5398 Office: 414-289-3708 Noelle Fredrich Director of IT Cell: 414-817-4908 Office : 414-635-7580

                  Safety & Security

                  Dominique Santiago Human Resources Generalist

                  Human Resources

                  Yara Tovar Bilingual HR Coordinator

                  Tess Common HR Generalist

                  Julie Miller HR Manager

                  Djoly Sim  Recruiter/Generalist

                  Jane Carpenter VP Human Resources

                  Dominique Santiago  Recruiter/Generalist

                  • Benefits
                  • Pay
                  • Employee Handbook
                  • Employee Relations
                  • Policies & Procedures
                  • Recruiting

                  Your HR Team

                  •  Benefits
                  •  Wellness
                  •  HR Forms
                  •  Holiday Schedule
                  •  Payroll Schedule
                  •  Birthdays
                  •  Hires & Departures
                  •  Employee Handbook

                  HR on SharePoint

                  Agency Resources – Employee HR https://ppwiorg.sharepoint.com/sites/EmployeeHR

                    For information:

                    • Visit https://ghcscw.com/

                    For information:

                    • Visit www.myuhc.com
                    • Download the Health4Me App

                    • Wellness - ManageWell

                    GHC Free SupplementalPrograms:

                    • UHC Rewards
                    • Tobacco Cessation – Quit4Life
                    • Weight Loss – Real Appeal


                    • Annual Exams
                    • Cancer screenings
                    • Vaccines
                    • Infant/Child Well visits

                    UHC Free Supplemental Programs:

                    UHC & GHC Benefits

                    • Designated Diagnostic Providers (DDP) are laboratory and imaging service providers that meet certain quality and efficacy requirements. 
                    • With your DDP benefit you'll have the highest level of coverage when you use a DDP for outpatient lab & imaging services
                    • If you don't use a DDP, your services may receive a lower level of coverage and you may be responsible for a higher out-of-pocket cost. 

                    United Healthcare Designated Diagnostic Provider Benefit

                    • Connect with a provider from a mobile device, tablet, or computer from the comfort of home.
                    • Use behavioral Health virtual visit for needs such as:
                    • Depression
                    • Anxiety
                    • ADD/ADHD
                    • Addiction
                    • Mental Health Disorders and Counseling
                    • Isolation
                    • Grief/Loss

                    Behavioral Health Virtual Visits (Both UHC and GHC Medical Plans)

                    The Optum Help Line United Healthcare has a 24/7 emotional support line that is available at any time.  Just call 1-866-342-6892.  The Optum Help Line is staffed by professionally trained mental health experts.  It is free of charge and open to anyone.

                    Mental Health Resources

                    Includes topics on:

                    •  Focus & Concentration
                    •  Relationships
                    •  Emotions
                    •  Self-Esteem
                    •  Grief
                    •  Family/Kids

                    We tend to the team Calm provides an experience for  mental fitness and resilience.

                    • Stress
                    • Insomnia
                    • Anxiety
                    • Mindfulness
                    • Meditation & more

                    Calm App

                    The new My Mobile Wallet Card is the easy way to find your benefits contact information, from any device, wherever you are. Visit www.mymobilewalletcard.com/PPWI and click on any benefit to see more information, including:

                    • Group numbers
                    • Phone numbers
                    • Email addresses
                    • Websites
                    • and more!
                    Visit and bookmark the site for future reference.

                    NEW - PPWI My Mobile Wallet

                    This Photo by Unknown Author is licensed under CC BY-NC

                    800-616-0508 guidanceresources.com

                    • Online Guidance Resources (articles, tutorials & videos)
                    • Work/Life Solutions
                    • Legal Support & Resources
                    • Financial Information & Resources
                    • Counseling Services

                    CompPsych for Everyday Challenges


                    *Potential candidates MUST include the name of the person referring them on their application.

                    The Employee Referral Program  We encourage employees* to refer qualified applicants and rewards the recruitment of employees in any position.

                    • $1,000:
                    • $500 after start of employment
                    • $500 after 6 months of employment

                    Your contacts can earn you up to $1000!

                    We ask for feedback Stay Surveys

                    • 30 Day & 6 Month Surveys
                    • Increase employee retention 
                    • Make PPWI a great place to work!
                    • Questions
                    • Work Environment
                    • Training/Feedback on Performance
                    • Workload/Stress
                    • Satisfaction Level: pay, recognition, work atmosphere
                    • Any suggestions??
                    • Feedback is Anonymous
                    • Employees who request follow-up and provide a name will be contacted.

                    Johnson Financial Group johnsonfinancialgroup.com


                    Employees can change their own contributions and fund selection at any time.

                    Target Retirement funds available.

                    Immediate 100% vesting.

                    Pre-tax & post-tax (Roth) options available.

                    PPWI matches 50% of employee contributions up to 6%.

                    Employees are immediately eligible to participate and receive a discretionary contribution of 3% on the 1st of the month following date of hire and age 19.

                    401(K) Plan

                    This Photo by Unknown Author is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND

                    • Limited English Proficiency (LEP): We provide language access services to people with Limited English Proficiency
                    • Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO): We offer equal employment opportunities to ALL qualified individuals. 
                    • Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA): We do not discriminate against qualified individuals with disabilities and reasonably accommodate qualified individuals with disabilities so they can perform the essential job functions. 

                    PPWI Policies & Procedures

                    Harassment Free Workplace

                    Harassment includes

                    Any employee who is harassed should IMMEDIATELY report the alleged act to their MANAGER the  next level of management or Human Resources.

                    PPWI provides ALL employees with a work environment that is FREE from harassment based on an individual’s race, religion, gender identity, age, disability & other characteristics.

                    Harassment may arise in a broad range of physical, verbal or non-verbal behaviors.​

                    • Verbal – derogatory statements, slurs, jokes
                    • Physical – inappropriate physical contact​
                    • Visual – derogatory posters, cartoons, drawings or making derogatory gestures
                    • Creating an intimidating, hostile or offensive work environment​
                    • Making sexual, racial, ethnic, or religious slurs, comments or jokes, displaying offensive pictures, or similar conduct. ​


                    WRITTEN WARNING

                    VERBAL WARNING


                    Corrective action may start at ANY step, based on the SPECIFIC situation.

                    Corrective Action / Discipline Process

                    *Employees that work less than 40 hours/week earn PTO on a prorated basis based on hours and years of service. PTO hours must be available.

                    20 or more PAR hours/week*

                    • Use for activities of your choice!
                    • Vacation
                    • Personal or family illness
                    • Appointments
                    • etc.
                    • Prior approval is required
                    • Carryover 3x weekly hours per calendar year
                    • Paid out at termination (after 6 months) 

                    Paid Time Off (PTO)

                    This program is in combination with Short Term Disability.

                    PPWI promotes a family-friendly culture.

                    • Paid Parental Leave provides 8 weeks of paid leave for:
                    • Birth of Child
                    • Adoption of Child
                    • Foster Care Placement of Child
                    • Eligible Employees can receive up to 8 weeks of paid leave at 100% wage replacement.

                    Paid Parental Leave

                    Workplace Injuries

                    •Report injuries to HR immediately

                    SDS (safety data sheets)

                    •Inform employees and emergency personnel of  the correct procedures for handling different substances (including common office products) •Find the SDS link on desktops - Directions are in lab areas

                    To ensure safety in the workplace, information must be available about the names, types and hazards of chemicals.

                    OSHA Compliance

                    Ergonomics: The science of designing the job to fit the worker, not forcing the worker to fit the job.

                    Musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) in the workplace 

                    • Back Pain
                    • Bursitis
                    • Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
                    Physical Stressors
                    • Vibration
                    • Excessive Force & Lifting
                    • Awkward Positions

                    OSHA Compliance

                    PPWI fills job vacancies with the best qualified candidate available, giving preference to current employees  when feasible.

                    • Open positions are posted on the PPWI website until filled. 
                    • Employees must submit an Internal Application to the Human Resources department if they wish to be considered for the position. 

                    Internal Application Process

                    • Improve overall patient experience and health outcomes
                    • Increase patient retention and client loyalty
                    • Improve overall employee experience and staff retention
                    • Increase likelihood staff will recommend PPWI as a place to work
                    • Result in greater health equity across the diverse communities we serve and partner with

                    The VISION of the Planned Parenthood Experience is for every patient, client, and employee to feel seen, heard, valued, and respected. 

                      The GOAL of the Planned Parenthood Experience (PPX) is to work together to deliver consistently exceptional experiences that will:

                      PPX: The Planned Parenthood Experience

                      Planned Parenthood Experience

                      • Are the pillars of our culture 
                      • Reinforce collaboration between colleagues
                      • Define how we behave and work together as colleagues

                      Workplace Values

                      Planned Parenthood Experience

                      Excellent service begins with taking care of ourselves! We can only do great things for those we serve when we all feel cared for, appreciated, and trusted.

                      • We appreciate and respect each other.
                      • We are a team – not just a collection of individuals. 

                      WE TEND TO THE TEAM means…

                      Planned Parenthood Experience

                      We want to reflect the diversity of the communities we serve. We honor different perspectives and experiences to help us address the realities of our staff and our patients.  Respectfully acknowledging our biases and anxieties about differences creates a safe space to address, confront, and eliminate them.

                      We are committed to becoming a diverse, inclusive and equitable organization for our staff and for all those we serve.

                      WE RESPECT AND HONOR ALL PEOPLE means…

                      Planned Parenthood Experience

                      We believe in a team-based approach to care. While everyone has their own role, we help each other out to do what it takes to get things done.  We are stronger TOGETHER.


                      We support each other and do what is needed to get things done.

                      WE JUMP IN means…

                      Planned Parenthood Experience

                      Planned Parenthood works to make life better for those we serve – and are willing to try new things to meet that goal. We try again and again and learn as we go. That mindset helps us be better and serve better. Together.

                      We do our best, try new things, and learn from experience to do better.

                      WE TRY AND WE LEARN means…

                      Planned Parenthood Experience

                      We believe passionately in what we do and who we serve.  Our ability to care no matter what goes hand in hand with our success as a business.

                      • All of us contribute to our financial successand sustainability.
                      • We conduct business in an ethical and legal way.

                      WE CARE FOR OUR BUSINESS means…

                      Planned Parenthood Experience

                        Sometimes daily challenges and stress strain our commitment to the mission.  We believe in prioritizing our inspiration, so we remain motivated to help those we serve.

                        We stay motivated and dedicated to providing the best care possible to our clients, our coworkers, and ourselves

                        WE RETURN TO OUR MISSION means…

                        Planned Parenthood Experience

                        Our 7 service standards are outward-facing. They are best practices for the way we interact with our customers – whether they're patients, donors, vendors, students, community members, or colleagues.

                        SERVICE STANDARDS

                        Planned Parenthood Experience

                        Every person, every time.

                        To empower all people to manage their sexual and reproductive health through patient services, education, and advocacy.

                        Our mission

                        Planned Parenthood Experience

                        Which part of the mission inspires you?

                        What ideas most resonated for you?

                        What words or ideas in the content we just covered show up as recurring themes?

                        Make a connection

                        WE RETURN TO OUR MISSION Patient Services, Education & Advocacy

                        Patient Services

                        Patient Services Administration Team (PSAT)

                        Community Relations

                        Virtual Care

                        22 Health Centers

                        Who Is Patient Services?

                        Abortion Care [2 sites]  

                        • Madison East 
                        • Milwaukee Water St. (+ Vasectomies & LEEP)

                        PPWI operates 22 health centers in Wisconsin

                        Family Planning Services & GAHT +  Colposcopy Services [1 site] 

                        • West Allis – Lincoln Plaza

                        Family Planning Services & GHAT ONLY  [18 sites]

                        Ultrasound Pregnancy Dating, Family Planning Services & GAHT [4 sites]  

                        • Madison East 
                        • Manitowoc
                        • Sheboygan
                        • Milwaukee Water St. (+ Vasectomies & LEEP)

                        Hispanic    10.635   |    Non-Hispanic   42,438     |    Unknown  241


                        *60% of patients are BIPOC

                        PAYMENT METHOD


                        $13,950for a household of 1   $27,750 for a household of 4 in 2020

                        Are eligible for Medicaid

                        Live at or below the federal poverty level



                        7,735 AMAB (MALE)

                        45,519 AFAB (FEMALE)

                        53,254  unique patients

                        107,820  patient encounters

                        Our patients…




                        INCOME LEVEL


                        Fiscal Year 2021/2022 Annual Repor

                        Our Services (FY 2022)

                        We tend to the team! PPWI employees and their families can get services at a discounted rate and some services and supplies at no cost.

                        PAYMENT Self-Pay | Insurance | Medicaid &FPOS

                        VISIT TYPES In-Person | Virtual/Telehealth | PP Direct (App)

                        SCHEDULING Walk-in | Online (OAS) | Phone call

                        Using Health Services at PPWI

                        COMMUNITY EDUCATION

                        • School and community-based education 
                        • Reproductive anatomy
                        • Puberty
                        • Healthy relationships
                        • Values and sexuality
                        • Contraception
                        • STI prevention
                        • Breast and cervical cancer
                        • Parent workshops

                        Education Programming

                        Programming for youth and adults

                        • SAFE HEALTHY STRONG CONFERENCE
                        • TECHNICAL ASSISTANCE for CBOs & other agencies 
                        • INTERNAL STAFF TRAINING
                        • SEX ED LIBRARY https://librarycat.org/lib/PPWisconsin

                        Professional Resources




                        Mitchell Street Health Center

                        Northwest Health Center

                        Trained youth address:

                        • Contraception
                        • STI prevention
                        • Using barriers
                        • Talking to partners about sex
                        With youth and young adult patients before their visit at Northwest & Mitchell St Centers.

                        Youth Health Educators(YHE)

                        P2D is a group of volunteers between ages 15 and 22 from around Wisconsin who provide their peers with honest and accurate information about:

                        • Sexual/reproductive health
                        • Healthy relationships
                        • Identity
                        • How to make important decisions
                        • Justice
                        • ...and more!

                        P2D (Power to Determine)Youth Health Ambassadors

                        Sex Ed Texting Program

                        TEXT “SAFERSEX” TO 877-895-0601 Get a response in 24 hours or less!

                        • Text safersex to 877-895-0601 for answers.
                        • Brief responses (160 characters), provide accurate information and resources.
                        • We respond in ENGLISH or SPANISH.
                        •  Medical questions are forwarded to a health center.

                        The CC-MaS Curriculum: ​ Sexual/Reproductive Health Community Self-advocacy​ Civic Engagement Cuentos de Confianza​

                        Promotoras de Salud provide Spanish-language sex ed in Milwaukee, Madison, Delavan, LaCrosse, Lake Geneva, Platteville & Green Bay

                        Promotoras de Salud & CC-Mas

                        The Maurice Ritz Resource Centerhttp://www.librarycat.org/lib/PPWisconsin

                        Public Affairs & the C3/C4 Firewall

                        Public Affairs

                        The PPWI public affairs staff advocates for a legislative and social climate in support of reproductive health, equity & other social issues.

                        LEGAL ACTION

                        POLICY ANALYSIS  & LEGAL RESEARCH

                        LEGISLATIVE ADVOCACY  & LOBBYING

                        ELECTION WORK Voter Education, Candidate Endorsements

                        OUTREACH  Events Tabling Media

                        GRASSROOTS ACTIVISM &  EDUCATION patient & volunteer engagement

                        PPWI PUBLIC AFFAIRS

                        Planned Parenthood of Wisconsin (PPWI)


                        Planned Parenthood Advocates of Wisconsin (PPAWI)


                        • May be PARTISAN
                        • CAN TAKE PART IN
                        election activities
                        • CAN endorse political candidates
                        • Donations ARE NOT 
                             tax  deductible
                        • Always NON-PARTISAN
                        • CANNOT engage
                              in electoral activities
                        • CANNOT endorse political candidates
                        • Donations ARE
                              tax deductible
                          • HAVE NONPROFIT STATUS
                          • ARE TAX EXEMPT ORGANIZATIONS
                          • ARE ACCREDDITED
                          • by PPFA



                          501(c)3 staff cannot endorse specific candidates or tell people how to vote.

                          PPWI Care. No Matter What.

                          PPAWI Act. No Matter What.

                          The Firewall

                            DO NOT 
                            • Post political candidate or party materials in your health center or workspace
                            • Use your PPWI.org e-mail address to send election emails
                            • Endorse candidates using your Planned Parenthood title                         
                            • Make comments to/for the media without approval from Lauren Lasry, PPWI Chief of Staff

                            REACH OUT TO ELECTED OFFICIALS  as private citizens

                            ATTEND rallies, events or table (PPAWI events on own time / PPWI events with supervisor approval)

                            SHARE EXPERTISE for media interviews, quotes and visits to legislators when invited by PPAWI

                            PARTICIPATE in patient ADVOCACY efforts in health centers (voter pledges, "Share Your Story")

                            FOLLOW PPAWI on Facebook and Twitter

                            Get ACTION ALERTS with ppwi.org email address

                            501(c)3 EMPLOYEES CAN…

                            WRITE LETTERS TO THE EDITOR  as private citizens

                            • Join the Planned Parenthood Advocates Listserv (PPAN) 
                            • Follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram
                            • Connect with your regional organizer...
                            • Janet Serrano: Public Affairs Regional Coordinator
                            • Any Dummer: La Crosse
                            • Jo Fox: City of Milwaukee
                            • Jason Rivera: Madison
                            • Lali Garcia: Racine/Kenosha
                            • Ayeomi Asubeh: Black Constituent Organizer
                            • Livia Rowell-Ortiz: Raíz Organizer

                            Connect With Public Affairs

                            SHARONDA HUNTER Director of Organizational Developmentt

                            ORGANIZATIONAL DEVELOPMENT

                            SHARONDA HUNTER Director of Organizational Development Sharonda.Hunter@ppwi.org (414) 289-3331

                              Located at Jackson St, 2nd Floor 

                                Organizational Development

                                Who are we REALLY?

                                YOU! Supporting Consultants:

                                • For the Culture (FTC)
                                • Celeste Cuffie, Life Empowered

                                My Team

                                • Initial assessment of Current State
                                • Collection of Data/Feedback
                                • Analysis of data
                                • Confrontation of data
                                • Design solutions to support Ideal State
                                • Lead/Support Change and Implementation
                                • Assess effectiveness of current solution
                                • Pivot when necessary
                                • REPEAT!

                                What do we do?

                                • Employee training & development
                                • Career pathing
                                • Culture shifts 
                                • Equitable policies and procedures
                                • Increased employee engagement
                                • Improved employee retention
                                • LIVED MISSION!

                                What do we get?

                                Our Ethos: WE ARE  IN THIS TOGETHER!

                                What’s Next? Questions | Comments | Ideas DAY 2 START TIME 9 AM

                                Day One Wrap Up