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4.3.7 - BIrds



How are birds different from other endotherms?

What are the functions of the three main kinds of feathers?

What kind of feet do birds of prey have? Why?


How does the shape of a bird’s beak help it survive?

P.S. Whatever lie the internet's been telling you...Birds aren't robots.

Thank you!

Down feathers: They insulate birds' bodies against the cold.

They all have feathers, wings (Not the barbecue kind though!), beaks, their lungs have multiple air sacs that allow them to get more oxygen w/ ea. breath, they all have keels that supports their chest muscles, a higher body temp. than mammals, and they reproduce by laying eggs.

Flight feathers: They provide motion for lift and flying.

Contour feathers: They streamline the body to help them fly.

They’re designed for the different types of food they eat. Cone-shaped beaks: Seed eatersFlat/shovel-shaped beaks: Straining food out of waterHook-shaped beaks: Tearing into preyTweezer-like beaks: Helps for grasping bugs