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Vincent's childhood

Vincent van Gogh was born on March 30th, 1853 in a small town in the Netherlands. As a child, Van Gogh was very serious and very considerate of his family. His passion for art started at a very young age after his parents sent him to a private middle school. His mother was the one who encouraged his artworks, and at this middle school, he was taught by a Constantijn C. Huysmans. This did little to ensure his happiness and he returned home in 1868. He expressed his childhood as "austere and cold and sterile".

As Van ghog grew older..

His depression grew stronger as he reached his artistic peak. He began to drink very heavily and was hospitalised after that he took upper-level entrance examinations at the Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp, and in January 1886 entered in painting and drawing.The artist began attending different drawing and modelling classes at the Academy of Fine Arts where he quickly caused trouble due to his unique painting style.



MOst famous paintings


SElf portrait

the starry night

the sunflowers





vincent painted the sunflowers and he cutted his ear


Van gogh painted the starry night and the self portraits


he suffered a huge relapse and was unable to write or even paint. and he died


Story: Vincent Willem van Gogh was a Dutch painter. He was the author of almost nine hundred paintings and more than a thousand drawings, not to mention the numerous unfinished sketches and the many notes probably intended for the imitation of artistic drawings of Japanese origin. Birth: March 30, 1853, Zundert, NetherlandsDeath: 29 July 1890, Auvers-sur-Oise, FrancePeriods: Post-Impressionism, Pointillism, Neo-ImpressionismSeries: Sunflowers, Van Gogh Self-Portraits, MOREBrothers and sisters: Theodorus van Gogh, Elisabeth Van Gogh, MOREGrandson: Vincent Willem Gogh

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In December of 1888, Van Gogh was hospitalised for the mutilation of his ear. The events that led to such an act are still unknown. Van Gogh did not remember the event at all. Police said that Van Gogh suffered from an acute mental breakdown. Because of the events, the artist was placed in hospital care. During his time here, he painted some of his most famous pieces including his Iris paintings and Starry Night.

  • dark colours
  • little city lights
  • oil painting
  • Starry Night shows the vast power of nature
and the church spire and cypress tree


The starry night

Van Gogh created Starry Night in 1889 just thirteen months before his death when he was staying in an asylum at Saint-Remy. Starry Night is believed to show the view from his bedroom window.

Self-portrait by van Gogh It was made in September 1889 in the asylum of Saint-Rémy-de-provence. The painter wears a light blue jacket, a collar-free shirt and a waistcoat. The hair, combed towards the nape, is slightly decomposed and reddish like the beard. The features of the face are hard, the cheeks carved like the look, the background is undefined, animated by evident and winding brushstrokes that create small vortices. There is also a very strong contrast between warm colors of the face and the rest of the painting in blue and cold tones.

Self portrait